Jr. Bulldogs drop first game to Knights in physically matchup



Cutline: Jr. Bulldogs running back Eric Wismer (black) delivers a devastating stiff arm to keep off a Holy Names defender.

Jrdogs-knightBy Joel Charron


For the first time this season the General Amherst junior boys football team knows what is like to lose a game.

And it’s not sitting well with them.

“We’re all pretty disappointed. We all feel we could have played a lot better,” said Amherst wide receiver Jarrod Manherz following their 24-8 loss to the Holy Names Knights Wednesday afternoon at Centennial Park.

Both teams’ defenses ruled the first half.

Clayton Andrews intercepted a Holy Names pass deep in Bulldog territory and Colton Kehoe had a fumble recovery for the Bulldogs.

The Knights had their own fumble recovery, jarring the ball loose on speedster Mitchell Wright on what would have been a long touchdown run.

The game remained scoreless at the half.

An 11-yard field goal by Holy Names gave the Knights a slim 3-0 in the third quarter.

Amherst looked to be in business after Manherz picked up Amherst’s second interception of the game in the fourth quarter however the Bulldogs were unable to translate that into points.

Shortly after, the Knights punched in the games first touchdown from 35-yard out.

Amherst answered right back.

After a 50-yard pass from Sam Girard put Manherz on the Knights seven-yard line, a few plays later Eric Wismer capped it off with a five-yard touchdown run. Amherst would complete the two convert to trail 10-8.

The Knights would take the air out of the Bulldogs tires on the ensuing drive, scoring on a 56-yard run. Holy Names would recover the ball on an onside kick and score again on a 13-yard run to round out the scoring.

“I thought we played well,” said head coach Dave Scott. “We stuck with them in the first half. It just came down to size, fatigue and physicality. They’re a tough team.”

Scott said the game pointed out some areas of the Bulldogs’ game that need some attention.

“We need to work on open field tackling,” said Scott. “We’re hitting guys too high when we should hitting low. I also thought our offensive line did a poor job today.”

Girard said it came down to size.

“They got more physical than us,” said Girard. “They have bigger guys and they started to come up the middle and we couldn’t do anything about it.”

Scott did praise Manherz for having a big day for the Bulldogs.

“If we didn’t have him today, I don’t know what would have happened,” said Scott.

Manherz said the Bulldogs wanted to use this matchup as a measuring stick see how good the Bulldogs actually are.

“Now we know we can hold up against them,” he stated.

Manherz said this loss might help the team in the long run.

“A lot of guys on the team thought we were invincible but now we got that first loss they know what’s up now,” he said.



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