John Miceli named new Amherstburg CAO


John Miceli will start his new duties as Amherstburg's chief administrative officer Oct. 20.

John Miceli will start his new duties as Amherstburg’s chief administrative officer Oct. 20.

By Ron Giofu


The Town of Amherstburg has its new CAO.

John Miceli was officially hired at Monday night’s town council meeting with the bylaw to confirm his hiring being approved by a 5-2 vote. Mayor Wayne Hurst, Deputy Mayor Ron Sutherland and councillors John Sutton, Bob Pillon and Carolyn Davies voted in favour with councillors Bart DiPasquale and Diane Pouget being opposed.

Miceli will start his new job as chief administrative officer Oct. 20 after most recently being the manager of facility operations with the City of Windsor. He has been with the city in various positions since 1991 and will leave the city Oct. 17.

Stating that it is a goal for many who work in public service to be a chief administrative officer for a municipality, Miceli said many of the issues he will be facing as CAO are similar to those he has already dealt with in Windsor.

“I’ve been used to dealing with a lot of issues in Windsor,” said Miceli.

The financial situation is at the top of his list and Miceli said he will look to stabilize things and build reserves. As well as making sure “the financial house is in order,” he said he plans on looking at the level of services residents receive and where improvements need to be undertaken. He added that working collaboratively to resolve issues is a priority.

“We’re going to try and stabilize the finances of the municipality going forward,” said Miceli. “We’ll look at trying to build reserves because I think that’s very important.”

Miceli told town council during the meeting it was a “great honour” to accept the CAO’s position. Hurst introduced Miceli, noting that the new chief administrative officer started in Windsor in the finance department where he spent 12 years. Hurst noted Miceli’s involvement in getting the 400 City Hall Square building completed before moving into his most recent position where he oversaw $1 billion in municipally owned assets.

“You come with a great skillset which is what Amherstburg needs right now,” Sutton told him.

Miceli said he will be a town employee subject to the probationary period put forth by the employer. Current CAO Mike Phipps has stated he will be leaving in December.

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