Jock Talk with Joel Charron

Mother Nature is clearly not a sports fan.

In fact, she probably sits high above us, laughing as millions of people sit on the sidelines and watch as the rain pours down, cancelling anything that was meant to be outside.

She probably takes pride in keeping the sun hidden from those who have been waiting all winter to finally step outside into the spring air and enjoy the warm weather.

After all, if Mother Nature was a sports fan, she would allow baseball games to be played, soccer fields would not be flooded and people would be outside laughing and enjoying the fact they can finally be outside.

If Mother Nature were a sports fan she would realize the havoc she is causing in the sporting community.

The General Amherst boy’s baseball team almost had their season completely washed away because of the massive amounts of rain.

I feel bad for the WECSAA brass who has given the difficult task of deciding whether if AA schools should have a baseball playoff or just cancel the season.

When they do decide to give the schools a much-deserved playoff, what does Mother Nature do? Oh, nothing, she just makes it rain on the day that playoff are to begin, only to delay the opening round and once again threaten the season all over again.

Don’t blame WECSAA, they can’t control the weather. I’m sure they are pulling their hair out trying to figure out a way to fit in all these games before the school year ends.

Nope, I blame Mother Nature.

Not only has Mother Nature come close to wiping out the local sports scene, she has done something much worse than that, something that is downright mean and cold-hearted.

Mother Nature has done something so reprehensible I’m pretty sure it’s going to take a quite some time for me to forgive her.

Mother Nature made me miss my annual Detroit Tigers/Boston Red Sox game.

This is serious.

Once a year the BoSox visit the Tigers and once a year I get to enjoy watching my Beantown sluggers perform at Comerica Park. To make matters worse, this year was the first year I took my girlfriend Bree to a game.

Never mind it was her first trip to Comerica Park, throw out the fact that the last game she saw was in Tiger Stadium and disregard that she has never seen the Red Sox on the field, live.

Mother Nature teased us, gave us a glimmer of hope that the game was going to proceed Saturday night.

After purchasing our tickets and strolling around the park for a bit, we settled in our seat (four rows behind the home bullpen) with a hot dog and beer, the skies open up and the rain came down.

The game was cancelled.

I don’t even want to get into Sunday night; it’s just too painful.

Come to think, Mother Nature probably is a sports fan…that cheers for the Yankees.

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