Jock Talk with Joel Charron: The Jersey Bet

When it comes to sports some people will bet anything.

Some people bet money, while others bet drinks or lunch. Some people even bet some crazy antics that will take away their dignity.

I’ve even been known to take a few bets in my day, but there is one bet that is worse than losing money, there is one bet that when you lose you dread more than anything else in this world, it’s the jersey bet.

For those who don’t know what the jersey bet is, it’s a simple concept to comprehend. You have two teams, say Vancouver and Toronto. If Vancouver wins the game the Toronto Fan has to wear a Vancouver jersey and vice versa if Toronto wins.

Not only does the loser have to wear the jersey, but they also have to pose in a picture with the winning fan in the winning teams jersey.

Now I can’t take credit for starting this bet. I’m sure some fella came up with it long before the idea fell into my lap, however the jersey bet first slipped  into my world thanks to my friend Shaun, who during last NHL playoffs proclaimed:

“Joel, if Vancouver wins the cup this year, I will wear your stupid Canucks jersey.”

Thus giving birth to the jersey bet. (We all know what happened last year, Vancouver lost in Game 7 and Shaun narrowly escaped disaster.)

Now if you’re a crazed, lunatic fan, like myself you will know that wearing another team’s colours is like dating a stepsister, it just doesn’t feel right.

So you can pretty much imagine how I feel when I lose the bet and have to don any other jersey that is not a Vancouver Canucks jersey.

It’s not so much that I’m wearing the opposing team’s jersey, because I always lie to myself and pretend that it never happened, but since there is a picture that must be took, there is proof and therefore it really did happen.

Now I’ve been pretty lucky, my favorite team wins a lot of game (except in this year’s playoffs) so the winning to losing ratio is pretty high for me, but that’s not to say I don’t lose.

I think I’ll never forget (that’s because TJ McWhinnie won’t let me forget) pulling the red Patrick Roy Montreal Canadiens jersey after the Canucks lost 4-1.

I’ve had to wear a Calgary Flames Jersey, a Chicago Blackhawks jersey and worst of all a Detroit Red Wings jersey.

But there have been far more wearing the Canucks jersey than me wearing theirs.

I even have gone so far as to give my jersey victims a selection to choose from. They could turn back the clock 10 years and wear a Todd Bertuzzi jersey or keep up with today’s players and don the Ryan Kesler jersey or you could wear the name of a Canuck legend and wear the treasured Trevor Linden jersey.

Whatever they choose, trust me, they look great!!

If you flip through the album on Faceboook (yes I keep a photo album of all the pictures, I like to think of it as a trophy) you may even see some familiar faces, like Midget Major head coach Matt Fox and Stars sniper Frank “Sauce” Desjardins (Sauce was a good sport, he actually wore the Bertuzzi jersey during practice.)

But alas, with the Canucks now out of the playoffs, the jersey are put away and the camera is charging and I’m left thinking, who can I get to wear my jersey next year…will it be you.

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