Jock Talk with Joel Charron: Step into my world

Have you ever wondered what things would be like if you ruled the sports world?

Well, here is a little peek into what I would do.

Barry Bonds so-called home run record would be wiped clean and given back to the original home run king, Hank Aaron. You can’t honestly look me in the face and tell me that he didn’t take steroids, (read the book Game of Shadows if you believe Bonds did it with just talent.)

Any player caught using performance-enhancing drugs would get an automatic one-year suspension for a first offence; second offence would result in a lifetime ban.

Any professional athlete charged with DUI or possession of drugs would get an automatic one-year suspension. Athletes are role models for young children, start acting like it.

Pete Rose would be reinstated back into Major League Baseball. The man has admitted to betting on baseball and apologized. If Michael Vick can play football again, Pete Rose should be back in baseball.

There would be a salary cap in baseball. No player is worth 28 million dollars a year…ahem, A-Rod and Pujols.

Boxing would be ruled under one association with two championship belts for each weight division. It will stop the confusion as to who is the real champion.

The Pacquiao/Mayweather fight WOULD happen. It’s the only fight that makes sense and everyone wants to see it, so why not give the fans what they want.

I would eliminate hockey teams from Nashville, Florida, Phoenix and maybe Tampa Bay. Hockey has tried to grow in those markets and it is not working…time to cut your losses and move on.

Quebec would get a NHL franchise. I’m not doing this because I’m Canadian…wait, yes I am. Canada needs more teams in the NHL…it’s our game.

The start of the NHL season would be moved up one month. That way when playoffs start I won’t have to choose between the NHL and NBA playoffs.

Fans who bring cardboard signs to sporting events would only be allowed to raise them during a timeout or when play has stopped. People did not pay good money to watch the back of someone’s “Hi Mom” sign.

NASCAR drivers would have to turn right instead of left.

The Super Bowl would be declared a national holiday.

Fans whose team win a championship will be given a day off with pay. Your dedication to your team will not go unnoticed.

Professional franchises that have losing seasons will not be able to raise ticket prices. In fact if a team has a losing season all tickets must be dropped five per cent for the next season.

College football would have a playoff…no more BCS. College teams will have to battle it out in an eight-team playoff. The games would be intense, the hype would be out of this world, and it would be majestic.

Heckling of the opposing team would be permitted, however chant of “Hey you suck” would be limited to twice a game for each fan. If you can’t come up with something more original than “You Suck” than you need to close your mouth.

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