Jock Talk with Joel Charron: Our General Amherst Lady Gens

Ten straight WECSAA championship, nine straight SWOSSAA championships and nine straight OFSAA medals.

Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

It’s been quite the season for our Lady Gens this year.

It’s been a season of constant struggle, inconstancy and lack of scoring and yet our girls walked away from this basketball season with championship plaques and medals hanging around their necks.

At Amherst, they expect championships, anything else is, well, unacceptable. I don’t think the average Lady Gens fan knows the  pressure these teenaged girls are under to bring home titles on a yearly basis.

But yet, you won’t hear any of them complain and won’t see it in their faces, they just roll with the punches, after all they are Lady Gens.

I’ve been covering lady Gens basketball for nearly four years now and I do have to say that this year has been the most enjoyable to watch.

Maybe its because over the last four years I’ve gotten to know these girls. I’ve watched them grow from nervous young girls to the confident young women they are today and trust me its been a fun ride, filled with anxious moments, frustrating games and heroic feats.

I think I enjoyed watching the Lady Gens this season because they had to work for every win.

No longer could the Lady Gens intimidate the opposing team by simply walking onto the court, they had to fight for it.

I’ve seen them struggle with teams they have blown out in the past. It may not have been pretty at times but still got the job done. The standings don’t show how ugly a win was; it just shows wins and losses.

Being a Lady Gen isn’t easy. Every team has them in their sights and is often getting the opposing teams best game.

But our girls handle the responsibility of being a Lady Gens with the poise and grace of a true champion.

The season may not have ended the way the Lady Gens wanted. I know how bad the girls wanted back-to-back OFSAA golds. I heard it in their voice and saw it in their eyes, however for some messed up reason, it wasn’t meant to be.

There is nothing I can’t say or do that change the outcome of the OFSAA final, but ladies please listen up.

What you have accomplished this season is nothing short of extraordinary, we’re talking about TEN straight WECSAA championship. It’s hard to think that this will ever be duplicated.

Aleah Marton, Christine Belcher, Sarah Bondy, Katie Breault, Lindsay Kondracki, Rebecca Krug, Robin Kellam, Kayla Dauguerre, Alex Leroux, Chelsea Thistle, Rebekah French and Jaylin VandeBovenkamp are 12 ladies who are etched in history.

I hope you take the time to realize what you have done for Amherst.

You continued to inspire Amherstburg’s youth to work hard and strive for the best.

Thank you ladies for the amazing season you provided for us.

Well done Lady Gens…well done.


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