Jock Talk with Joel Charron: My sports bucket list


I do have to admit, I’ve seen some pretty cool sporting event in my lifetime and there is plenty more I want to see.

So, before I move on from this life to whatever is next, I have comprised a “Sports Bucket List.”

The following list is things and placees I’ve always wanted to see or visit, hopefully by the time my time is up on this earth this list will become an endless list of stories to tell me grandchildren.

Watch the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park.

I’ve been to Boston. I’ve seen Fenway Park, I’ve walked around it and became mesmerized by it’s essence. But I’ve never been inside. I’ve been a Red Sox fan as long as I can remember, going to Fenway is becoming more of a necessity in life rather a wish.

Enjoy a Fenway Frank

Number one and two on the list kind of go hand in hand. So if I ever do make it to Fenway Park, I’ll be able to check off two for the price of one. I’ve heard nothing but legendary things about the hot dogs that come out of Fenway, so to sit a savor the taste of a Fenway Frank while watching the BoSox in Fenway would be more than I could possible handle.

Visit all the professional sports Hall of Fame.

I love going to any Hall of Fame. I’ve been of the Hockey Hall of Fame every time I go to Toronto. I love learning about the history of each game. In my mind to appreciate the game today, you have to learn about the past and what better way to learn than going to the Hall of Fame. Cooperstown, Canton, Springfield get ready, cause here I come.

Take a picture in front of the Michael Jordan statue in Chicago.

I grew up a Michael Jordan fan, I idolized him. He is arguably the greatest basketball player ever, period and I must get a picture of me standing in front of his statue at the United Centre.

Attend a professional championship game.

I don’t care what sport, I don’t even care what teams are playing. All I want is to be in the same building when those players are handed their championship trophy. Seeing a team win a championship, live, is something out of this world. The energy and excitement that’s flowing through that arena would be unreal.

Have New York Rangers coach John Tortorella tear me down in a media scrum.

If this were to ever happen, it would mean one thing, I finally made it as a big time sports journalist. I would love the chance to antagonize him. We’ve all seen his infamous press scrums where one reporter says something to set him off…I want to be that one reporter.

Take batting practice on a Major League diamond.

Now this one is a little funny because anyone who has seen me swing a bat knows I won’t be able to hit the ball far or at all. I just want to stand at home plate and look out on the field and whiff as hard as I can as the ball sails past me.

Watch the Minnesota Vikings live.

I’ve been to one football game my entire life, when I was working as an intern for CTV’s Bob Bellacicco. I was on the sidelines and it was awesome, but it wasn’t the Vikings. I want to sit in my overpriced seat with beverage in hand while I yell at the refs last call wearing my Percy Harvin jersey in a game where the Vikings are winning.

Play a round of golf on Augusta National Golf Course.

I am not a golfer and I don’t pretend to be. But this is Augusta, what sports fan in their right mind wouldn’t want to play a round of golf on this majestic course. I don’t care if that round takes me all day, I’ll be able to say I played a round on the course where the The Masters are played.

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