Jock Talk with Joel Charron: It’s the old ballgame


Baseball is on a rise in Amherstburg.

Over the last few weeks two different teams made significant strides to help put Amherstburg baseball back on the map.

Let first start with General Amherst boys’ baseball team, shall we.

Last week, I was in Windsor and by chance was able to catch the last few innings of the Holy Name/Amherst WECSSAA baseball semi-final.

I arrived in the bottom of the fourth with the Bulldogs trailing 5-1; an inning later it was 6-1.

Now, trailing 6-1 in the late innings I was pretty much writing the Bulldogs obituary in my head when everything started coming together for these young men.

Amherst stood their ground and fought back, scoring three run in the sixth and three more in the seventh.

The game did go into extra innings where the Bulldogs eventually lost on a two-run walk off blast and you’re probably wondering why this is so important.

Well, I should mentioned that Holy Names is the defending OFSSA champion that boast three Team Canada player on their roster and oh yeah they’re “AAAA.”

No one gave the Bulldogs a chance in that game. Most people thought Holy Names would have steamrolled our beloved boys.

Those boys went toe to toe with  juggernaut of a team and came within two outs of what may have been the biggest baseball victory in Amherst history.

Those players sent a message in the game: Amherst will no longer be your baseball doormat.

I’m pretty confident that with the young players they have on that team, good fortunes are just around the corner.

Now on to the Bantam Cardinals.

Last Sunday I received an email from Bantam manager Kris Meloche informing me that four of his pitchers combined to throw a no-hitter in a 10-0 mercy win over Woodslee.

Yes, you read right, a no-hitter was thrown in Amherstburg.

While the Sr. Cards can claim they blasted the first home run, the Bantam Cards can boast they threw the diamonds first no-hitter.

What a thrill for pitchers Riley Meloche, Jordan Bastien, Brendan Renaud and Marshal Laing to work together for such a feat. Let give credit to their catches Cory Burns and Clay Parent calling a no-hitter behind the plate is no easy thing as well.

Bantam Cards seems to be buying into what manager Kris Meloche is selling.

“All the guy’s understand that it is early in the season and their arms are more important than any individual stat, which is the reason for 4 different pitchers, plus this is proof that any team effort is always stronger than an individual effort,” said Meloche.

For a pitcher to throw a no-hitter, everything must be perfect, for four different pitchers to combine for a no hitter, the baseball gods were smiling down on them that Sunday night.

“Plays were made all over the field to keep this no-hitter in place and these young men should feel very proud about being a part of Amherstburg’s baseball history,” said Meloche. “This is something that will stand for as long as we have this diamond.”

Not to mention they followed that performance by beating Chatham this past Sunday for the first time in three years. Chatham happened to be undeafed by the way.

Amherstburg baseball is in good hands, I’m going to just sit back and enjoy the ride and I suggest you should to.

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