Jock Talk with Joel Charron: Going, going, gone!

In a game against Leamington a few weeks ago, Senior Cardinals outfielder Trevor Mulder stepped into the batter box like he does every at bat.

He dug himself in, tapped the outside corner of the plate with his bat, then flicked his stick up towards the pitcher and settled in.

To get a sense of what the opposing pitcher was like, Mulder let the first pitch go by for a strike.

The second pitch he let go for a ball, same with the third pitch.

The fourth pitch was a fastball that was just a little inside, exactly where Mulder likes them.

Because of his fast swing, Mulder waited for the ball to come to him then unleashed a bodacious blast that sent the ball far over the left field fence for the Senior Cardinals first rounde tripper on the new diamond.

Thus, accomplishing two things with one swat: first, being the obvious, hitting the seniors first home run. Second, winning the bounty that I put forward dating back to last year for a Jock Talk and a six-pack of brews for the first home big fly.

“I think in my whole life, when I tried to hit home runs, I’ve probably only hit two,” said Mulder. “I was just trying to get good contact with the ball.”

He surely made good contact because the 30-year-old said as soon as he hit it he knew it was gone.

Mulder took his time getting out of the batter box, not to show up the pitcher (cause that’s not Mulder’s style) but rather to enjoy the moment. He then quickly jogged around the bases and touched home plate where his teammates were waiting to congratulate him. The Cardinals ended up winning that game 9-1.

Now that the first home run was hit, it was time to collect his prize. The only thing is that Mulder doesn’t drink. I told him that he could choose anything that would be the equivalent to the price of the six-pack. A Tim Horton’s card, A McDonald’s card, heck, even a couple bags of sunflower seeds.

He didn’t want any of that; all he simply asked for was a picture with his beautiful family, at the diamond, in his uniform.

I was more than happy to oblige.

While speaking to Mulder about his memorable mash, he said this home run had a different feeling to it. Yes, it was cool to see the ball soar over the fence, but he admitted that he didn’t have the same adrenaline rush that he once felt after blasting out a bomb.

He figured out why he felt like this.

“My desires have change. My feelings for the game have changed. I still love baseball, but now it’s more fun watching my boy and my daughter play,” he said.

“When they hit a home run, I’d jump out of my socks,” he continued. “I don’t want to seem like I hit them (home runs) all the time, but it’s just different now.”

Unfortunately Mulder’s family wasn’t there to witness his home run, as they arrived just minutes after.

After telling his son that he “hit one outa the park” they celebrated by doing their special handshake and continued with the game.

“I don’t want him to get excited over the thing I do. I want to be the one who gets get excited over the things that he does,” explained Mulder.

Although Mulder is trying to down play his achievement, at the same time he understands the significance of it.

“Down the road I’ll be able to tell my son or tell anybody that when they first built this park I did hit the first one out,” he said.

Months ago, during the seniors’ first batting practice, Mulder claims he was the first to crush one over the fence. However, that was practice and didn’t count.

“It feels good to make it official,” he laughed.

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