Jock Talk with Joel Charron: Beware of the quiet ones

She doesn’t say much.

She’s not the type of player who is going to get in the face of her teammates.

She probably won’t have an inspiration speech to push the team over the final hurdle.

But don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you, Christine Belcher may look cool, calm and collective on the outside but inside beats a heart of a competitor so fierce its unmatched by any on the court.

“She’s a quiet type of leader,” said Lady Gens head coach, Dom Silvaggio. “She’s your typical lead by example leader.”

And Belcher has laid out quite the examples as her resume speaks for itself: multiple WECSSA and SWOSSAA championships, OFSSA gold (volleyball), silver and bronze (basketball), Amherst top female athlete and a Royal Arcanum Award, as WECSSAA A/AA top female athlete.

But what drives the 17-year old to empty her tank every time she steps on the court; an insatiable desire to win.

“I hate losing, I know it’s a part of sports but I hate it,” said Belcher. “To me if you’re not winning, you’re not having the most fun you can have.”

Although Belcher’s desire to win burns bright likes the sun, at first glace of her in action you would never guess it.

While on the court Belcher keeps her emotions in check, never letting the opponent seeing not even an ounce of enjoyment or disappoint.

“If the opponents don’t know how I’m feeling, they can’t use it against me,” she said. “If I keep my emotions in then it makes it seem like I’m still in control.”

During last year’s SWOSSAA volleyball finals meltdown against John McGregor, Belcher admits during that nightmarish scenario, it was killing her inside. But on the outside, nothing, stone-faced.

“Once things started going down hill, it was killing me inside,” she explained. “But I knew I couldn’t show it to the rest of the team because I was the leader of the team so I feel I have to show everyone I have everything under control.”

Being thrust into a leadership role is something the decorated Lady Gen is not really used to, however she doesn’t shy away from that coveted responsibility.

Silvaggio said Belcher possess all the qualities it takes to be a leader; unselfish, driven, passionate, confident and she doesn’t complain.

“Not of all the players I ever coached, she never, ever complains,” stated Silvaggio. “She could even be hurting a little bit but she’s always giving 100 per cent. You get the same Christine no matter what.”

Silvaggio said if there is any fault to Belcher’s game, is that she’s too unselfish.

“She’s always looking to set someone up, instead of looking to score for herself,” he said.

Belcher considers playing for Silvaggio and the General Amherst Lady Gens an honour, stating it’s been quite the time building on the Lady Gens’ legacy.

“Being a Lady Gens and wearing the black and gold and walking into a gym, everyone looks at you differently,” she said. “It’s a great feeling.”

In her final year at General Amherst, Belcher’s goals are simple, bring home OFSSA gold in both basketball and volleyball.

If actions truly do speak louder then works, then Belcher is screaming in the face of opponents, at the top of her lungs, with a bullhorn.

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