Jock Talk With Joel Charron: Amherst Athletics Top 10 Moments

Another year has pass, which mean another chapter has been written in General Amherst Athletics.

Here is my top 10 Amherst Athletics moments. I apologize if I missed a specific moment of someone; I try to be in as many places a possible.

10- First WECSSAA AA tennis championship:

I don’t know much about this team and I’m sorry, but what I do know this team captured Amherst first tennis title and any time you do something like that it automatically earns you a stop on any list.

9.  Lady Gens volleyball season:

They were a banged up team all season. Only a hand full of times did with a full roster and no injuries. The Lady Gens led by All-stars Alyssa Garret, Megan Lavoie and Christine Belcher grabbed another WECSAA title and just missed a SWOSSAA title. .

8. Lady Gens Slo-Pitch:

This was a good team. Plenty of veteran leadership, good pitching, good hitting. On paper, the Lady Gens looked like they were going to waltz right through the competition on their way to a back-to-back WECSSAA championship. However, that is why they play the game. The girls bowed out in the semi final ruining what was supposed to be another championship year.

7. Boys baseball Amherst vs. Kingsville WECSAA semi finals:

This would have been a really good game if the umping wasn’t so terrible. The game went back and forth and had all the drama of the World Series Game 7. However the Bulldogs cracked in extra innings and threw the finals away on a throwing error.

6. Boys Hockey:

This was a fun year for Amherst boy’s hockey. A team that was looked at as a building team found it’s self in first place after the regular season. After a little scare in the semi-finals the Bulldogs were back in the finals, however they couldn’t repeat the previous years magic has they fell to Brennan in three games.

5. Amherst boy’s basketball loss to Cardinal Carter in WECSAA semi-finals:

Probably one of the most intense games I’ve ever seen. Back and forth all game, the lead must have switched hands at least half a dozen times in the final quarter. In the end it wasn’t the Bulldogs time as the lost 53-46 to Cardinal Carter.

4. Lady Gens SWOSSAA win over Sarnia St. Christopher Cyclones:

This was probably one of the most dominating game I saw the girls play this year. Sarnia St. Christopher was a team the Lady Gens had some trouble with earlier in the year. But not that night, the Lady Gens suffocating defense overwhelmed the Cyclones on to a 58-27 win.

3. Meaghan Marton:

Arguably one of the most decorated track athletes to come out of Amherst. Watching Meaghan run is poetry in motion. I consider myself lucky to have watched her over the past few years, that way I can say “I knew her when.”

2. Lady Gens hockey season:

The Lady Gens turned in their first winning season after going 0-12 the year before. They worked hard, they listened to their coaches and they had never give up attitude.  The recorded their first win over girl hockey powerhouse Essex. Although they were eliminated out of the playoffs by Leamington, Dan Pettypiece has this program heading in the right direction.

1. Dom Silvaggio awarded the Wayne Curtin Excellence in Coaching Award:

This couldn’t have been given to a more deserving person. Dom is Amherst basketball. His resume speaks for itself and his player will back it up. I consider it an honour to have played for him and an even bigger honour to call him a friend.

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