Jock Talk with Joel Charron: A Summer of Firsts

The warm weather is coming, I know it may not look like it now but it’s on the way.

Once it’s here, the sun will be shining the breeze will be warm and baseball will be played on Amherstburg’s new premier baseball diamond.

Last Wednesday (you know that day where we thought Spring was finally here) I stumbled upon the General Amherst Boys baseball team practicing on the new diamond. The boys were getting accustomed to their new home, trying to find the proper line to balls. After all this isn’t on grass anymore, its on turf, where everything is level and strange bounces will almost be a thing of the past.

“You should see how high the ball bounces off the turf,” said head coach Mark Beaudoin.

Sure enough Beaudoin belts a ball into the outfield and yup…he was right, once that ball hits that turf it skyrockets back into the air.

It’s going to take a little time for all players (young and old) to get use to the new digs.

While standing back and watching the Bulldogs practice on this beautifully sculptured masterpiece of a diamond, I had a interesting conversation with Amherstburg Bantam Cardinal coach Kris Meloche.

“They took out the old diamond,” he said. “All that remains is its history and memories. Now we have this one, it is time to create some new history.”

I never though about it that way.

A new diamond means new records. New records means friendly competition amongst the players, which in turn could result in some very good baseball being played.

Who’s going to be the first player to throw out the first pitch?

Who’s going to be the first player to record the first strikeout or the first hit?

Who’s going to be the first player to blast one over the fence?

If you talk to some of the members of the Sr. Cardinals baseball team they will tell you that I have put a bounty on the first home run, just to make it a little interesting.

The first Sr. Card to go yard gets a six-pack of brew of their choice and a Jock Talk about their magical swing.

Sr. Cards pitcher Mike “Junior” Purdie joked that they’re going to have guys swinging with all their might until that first big fly.

If you talk to Meloche, he is certain that it will be his Bantam team that will hold a lot of “first.”

“How cool will it be for some kid to say, yeah I stole the first ever base on that diamond or to say I’m the first person to have four hits,” said Meloche.

The Bantam coach was even joking that he is going to have his kids steal home whenever they get a chance. But I really don’t think he was joking, he will do it.

So it’s out there. It’s all up to you now ball players. Which part of history do you want?  Will it be the first RBI, first sacrifice fly, the first no hitter or the first run scored?

Which team will pick up the first win…the Bulldogs have the first crack at it when they take on Forster, Wednesday afternoon.

The first I’m most interested in is, who’s going to win the first championship title?

Play ball!

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