Jock Talk with Joel Charron



Monday afternoon in the General Amherst senior boys football team fieldhouse is usually a pretty loud and busy place to be.

A high school football team carrying on before taking the field for the first practice of the week while coaches scurry around setting up for the next few hours.

It’s usually a fun place to be… except for this past Monday.

Instead of a room full of loud teenagers suiting up for practice, it was full of stone faced players barely saying anything, while cleaning out their lockers.

After an already severely depleted team lost a few more players to injury, General Amherst athletic director and senior boys head football coach John Rudak made the difficult decision to forfeit the rest of the season.

By the look on his face when he arrived to the fieldhouse, it was a decision that he didn’t come to lightly and a decision he wished he didn’t have to make.

You know that old saying; it’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.

Well, what happens when there aren’t enough dogs to continue the fight, no matter the size of the fight in them?

It’s not that the Bulldogs are giving up because believe me, that’s not the case. Unfortunately the injury bug bit the Bulldogs hard and they just don’t have enough players to player to fill the positions this year.

The Bulldogs have been fighting low numbers all season; even the coaching staff felt a hit. Rudak was coaching the team by himself before myself, Mike Callard and Frank Bauer joined the staff.

Quite frankly, living in a small community like this, Amherst will have years when the numbers for football will drop.

It’s just a shame it had to happen to fifth player Jesse Prentice, who was hitting his stride with his third inception in two games.

Or fifth year linebacker Jarrod Ferris who begged me to put him back in Friday night but was held out because of a concussion.

It’s a shame that all fifth year players are having their last season of high school football end like this… but it was the right decision.

There is no way the Bulldogs could have taken the field with 15 players, that’s not the way football is meant to be played and more importantly it’s not safe for the players.

Keep this in mind Bulldogs, these days may be dark right now but your future is very bright, stick around and you’ll see some firework down the road.

All dogs in the house!

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