Jock Talk w/ Joel Charron- Fantasy Challenge

Was there ever any doubt that there would be no NFL football this year?

Did you really think that the players and owners would cancel a season and miss out on billions and billions of dollar bills?

Worse of all, did you really think that fantasy football would become a distant memory this year.

That’s right, the lock out is over, players are in training camp as we speak and fantasy owners are foaming at the mouth, eager to begin a season that almost never was.

It’s no surprise that I love football, but what I love more than football is fantasy football.

I’ve been an owner for 10 years now and every year around this time my inner General Manager begins to surface.

I start to read injury reports and updates on all players I deem worth to be on my list. I’m up to date on all the latest trades and free agent signing. I analyze every move teams make just so I can have a step on my opponent.

I couldn’t keep all passion for this make believe football all to my self, which is why last year I dragged my best friend Shaun into it. At first he was a little reluctant, stating he didn’t know enough about football to put together a competitive team. However after Week 2, he was hooked and played his way to the second seed in the playoffs, but was later eliminated by yours truly in an epic comeback (I believe there is a Jock Talk about that…better luck this year Shaun.)

It’s not unusual from me to be in at least three fantasy leagues.

This past Monday night I had my first draft of the season and let me tell you this, I walked away with one heck of a team that includes both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (I was shocked to have picked up both) a very solid receiving corps, the talented Jason Witten and perhaps (fingers crossed) the NFL’s best defense the Philadelphia Eagles.

The only aspect of my team that needs improvement is my running back, but that can be remedied by trading one of my superstar QB’s for a game changing running back.

And this is just the first league, can’t wait to see what other team I’ll end up with.

I know there are fantasy football lovers out there, so listen up.

I want to issue all the fantasy owners in the Burg a challenge.

Think you know fantasy football?

Think you can take down a 10-year veteran?

Think you can out-strategize, out-draft and construct a better team?

Well, here your chance, step up to the plate and enter my league.

I started a league with and have nine spots open for those who think they can hang with the big boys.

I want to see what you have.

The first nine people to send me an email asking to join get the spots.

There is no entrance fee, everything is free. All you have to do is send an email.

In the subject box, type in FANTASY FOOTBALL and in the body put in your email.

If you have never played fantasy football with then you’re going to have to make a profile but that will take all of five minutes.

The only thing that people may not like is that it is an auto draft, meaning the computer will pick your team for you, it has to be that way because trying to find a time for 10 people to conduct a live draft is rather difficult.

Just think if you win, you have bragging right for an entire year. You can throw it in my face whenever you want and who knows there may be a little trophy for the winner.

I’ve laid down the challenge. There are nine spots open, who are going to fill those spots?

You’re on the clock, good luck.

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