Jaylin VandeBovenkamp named ‘Miss Basketball’

By Joel Charron

The WECSSAA Tier 1 Miss Basketball award belongs to a Lady Gen.

Jaylin VandeBovenkamp recently found out during a practice that she was awarded the 2011 Miss Basketball Award. The WECSSAA coaches determine the award.

“I’m really happy,” said VandeBovenkamp. “I worked really hard to get this award.”

VandeBovenkamp made her return back to the court this season after missing the entire 2010 season with a serious knee injury.

The Grade 11 admits thought of being named Miss Basketball was an unreachable goal, however as the season wore on VandeBovenkamp became stronger and more confident.

“You could see about three or more weeks in she started playing a little more aggressively,” said Lady Gens coach Dom Silvaggio. “It takes a lot of hard work to overcome an injury like that and get back into shape, I’m very proud of her.”

VandeBovenkamp is the second in her family to be named Miss Basketball. Her sister, Courtney won the prestigious award during her Lady Gen days, only two years ago.

“It’s absolutely awesome, she (Courtney) is my role model,” said VandenBovenkamp. “This is a really big deal for me, I’m really excited.”

“I’m sure its neat for her, following in the footsteps of her sister,” said Silvaggio.

With being named Miss Basketball comes some pressure, however Silvaggio believes VandeBovenkamp will handle everything they way she always has.

“Jaylin doesn’t put pressure on herself,” he said. “She just goes out and plays. That’s the way she’s always been since I’ve coached her. She will continue to go out there and do what she can; it’s the way she has always played.”

VandeBovenkamp wasn’t the only Lady Gen to receive recognition. Katie Breault was named to the first team all-star and Lindsay Kondracki to the second team all-star. Christine Belcher received a honourable mention.


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