In search of treasure


By Jolene Perron

With the upcoming release of their exciting new book, local Amherstburg artists and entrepreneurs, Dennis White and Steve Gibb are ready to let everyone know about the opportunity to take part in this unique treasure hunt.

Through cryptic verse and pictorial clues, the artists are inviting the public to come along on a journey into the War of 1812. It is a chance for people of all ages to really participate in the rich history that is taking place in Amherstburg this year. The story is a fictitious account based on factual events that took place in and around Fort Amherstburg, before, during, and after the War of 1812. White and Gibb worked closely together with ‘the widow’,

(a romantic historian who’s deepest desire was to educate people about the war of 1812) to produce their book titled “In Pursuit of the Golden Key”. White says that if people go through and research the facts they will know exactly which parts of the story are true and which are not.

White was inspired to write this book through a story he read in the 80’s to his family titled Masquerade by Kit Williams. Much like the book they have written, Masquerade was a story written with artwork and clues to lead one lucky winner to the grand prize.

In White and Gibb’s book, the war of 1812 is the main story line and not only will the winner be rewarded by discovering the golden key, they will walk away with a minimum $10,000 grand prize.

In Persuit of the Golden Key will be available March 1.

“You’re looking for something monetary,” said White. “But the real treasure is that if you follow through the book, by the end of it you will know the rich history on the War of 1812. You’ll know who the players were, what happened in the end and what made Canada, Canada.”

“It is not only a unique game, but an educational tool as well.”

The treasure, being the golden key, was actually custom crafted by Precision Jewellers in Amherstburg and donated to White and Gibb to hide as the treasure. The key has a value of over one thousand dollars itself.

The book was sponsored by Drive Logistics.

To find the key, you must follow the clues obtained through White and Gibbs detailed artwork, quotes and riddles. People don’t have to go onto private property.

“They don’t have to dig up the Navy Yard,” said White.

For example, and actually there really is no digging involved – it‘s not hidden in the ground. The key itself is not actually physically hidden, but rather a document which will get them the key. The reason behind that, is so that if someone who is not in the Amherstburg area discovers where the location is, they will be able to win the key regardless of being in the town area or not. They will be able to sign-in online to the secured website and say the location of the key is in such and such a place and their message will be chronologically logged so they will be able to get the key.

When White and Gibb began to paint the artwork featured in the book over a year ago, Gibb had a very different idea than White of what the artwork should look like.

“Steve told me, ‘you know, Dennis, I really don’t want to do a book with ships and soldiers and all the battle scenes. It’s all been done before, and it’s going to be done again, so let’s do something that’s unique. And so after that I started to change the way I was approaching the artwork too,” said White.

White says he actually changed some of the paintings he had already done, and this experience vastly improved some of his artwork. It gave him a new perspective on trying to do something different and allowed him to step outside of the box.

The book will be distributed on March 1 all around Amherstburg. It is available for pre-order on the books’ website,, where readers can also get a more detailed perspective into the story itself. There is also a possibility of having the book sold through Amazon.

In addition, on March 9 White and Gibb will be making a special appearance at the Gibson Gallery for a book signing where the books will be able to be purchased.

There’s no way of telling how long it will take to the find the key White said, but he hopes it will be a long and exciting experience for those who are involved. If someone does find it, he says, they will have definitely done their research.


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