In-camera meeting spurs investigation

By Karen Fallon

Mayor Wayne Hurst informed those gathered for the June 27 council meeting that the town has been notified that a complaint regarding closed door meetings conducted by council is being investigated by the Ombudsman.

“We are confident that we were doing our best to ensure transparency and accountability to the ratepayers,” said Hurst. “The Town of Amherstburg is committed to ensuring that any request of investigation will be dealt with in a fair and expedient manner.”

Once the inquiry has been concluded and the decision rendered the results will be made public, says Hurst.

A complaint lodged earlier with the Ontario Ombudsman’s office regarding the procedural legality of the emergency closed session meeting called in February regarding the naming rights for the road leading to the new recreational complex has already been dealt with.

At the time, Ed Posliff, the   lawyer acting for the town, had noted that the town had followed its procedural bylaws and it was deemed appropriate that the meeting go in-camera as it was a topic that should be heard in-camera. The only quibble being that the section of the Act that council relied upon such had been a different sub-section.

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