Ice Cream Festival proves to be ‘sweet’ time

By Joel Charron and Jolene Perron

Amherstburg celebrated Canada with its 4th annual Ice Cream festival this past Friday at Toddy Jones Park.

The Ice Cream festival, which was a huge success, attracted old-comers and new comers of all ages to town.

“Everyone s having a great time,” said organizer Sam Drakich. “It’s been long, it’s been hot, and it’s been ice creamy.”

The festival itself was free of admission and hosted games. Games, which everyone was encouraged to participate in, were an Ice Cream eating contest, a bubble blowing contest, a Popsicle stick building contest and the classic screaming contest to see who could scream the loudest for ice cream.

“I come every year to spend time with these grand kids,” said Shirley Paré.

A group of young girls take a timeout during the Ice Cream Festival to enjoy their own frozen treat.

The Ice Cream Festival wasn’t just for kids, but parents enjoyed their time there as well. Dennis Sehincariol, a newcomer this year and resident of Windsor, enjoyed ice cream with his wife and two children.

“We came to Mardi-Gras and saw a flyer for the ice cream festival in town,” said Sehincariol, “It was fun for all of us.”

Some vendors, such as Nuccelli’s frozen yogurt and Popper’s Kettle Corn come every year, and “enjoy supporting the town“, but this year the Ice Cream festival welcomed a few new vendor’s such as Tim Horton’s and Cold Stone Creamery.

“We just wanted to get involved with such a good cause,” said Kelly Coklow, employee of Tim Horton’s and Cold Stone Creamery.

It was the fourth year in Amherstburg as the festival’s first year was in Lakeshore.

“What makes this so much fun is that we are celebrating the nations favorite frozen treat, ice cream, and who doesn’t like ice cream,” said Drakich.

Drakich said this festival is about the children, as he points out that he sets the children “loose” and “have all the freedom they want.”

“Just let the kids run around and tire themselves out. They will sleep good tonight,” he joked.

There were 26 vendors, which Drakich said was up from last year.

Although the event was free to attend, Drakich said any money made from the festival does not find its way into his pocket. All proceeds go to Autism Ontario Windsor-Essex chapter.

Drakich said the reason why he puts together the festival is because he has an autistic niece and nephew.

Drakich also mentioned he raises roughly $1,000.

One response to “Ice Cream Festival proves to be ‘sweet’ time”

  1. Shirley Harshaw says:

    Autism Ontario Windsor Essex Chapter would like to once again thank Sam Drakich for the awesome job he does organizing this festival. It keeps getting bigger and better every year. Amherstburg is a beautiful town and it gives everyone a chance to discover that. I was there for eight hours watching people come and go eating soft ice cream, gelato, hard ice cream and frozen yogurt. Our goal was to make everyone aware of what autism is and the alarming rate at which it is rising. The statistics show that 1 in every 110 children born will be affected by autism now. People need to know more about it and this is a perfect opportunity to help get the word out and to tell them how we can help.