Hundreds attend annual Easter Egg Hunt


By Joel Charron

Hundreds of children from across Amherstburg and Essex County left their hockey sticks and figure skates at home Saturday morning as they attended Amherstburg’s annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Over 500 children and youth between toddlers and 13-year-old were estimated to have attended the Easter Egg Hunt, held on the football field at the UCCU Complex.

Roughly 10,000 chocolate eggs were scattered along the green turf. Rick Daly, manager of business development and programming said the Easter Egg Hunt was a little different this year; children were split into four age groups and staggered the start times  every 15 minutes.

“I think it went very, very well,” said Daly. “We got a good showing for all the age groups, people really took to it.”

Daly also noted that having near perfect weather conditions really helped people get out to the event.

“We couldn’t have asked for better weather. This is perfect,” he said.

This is the second year the Easter Egg Hunt was held at the UCCU Complex while previous years being held at Centennial Park. Last year, the event was held inside the indoor soccer complex, however Daly said they opted to bring the event back outside.

“There are lots of place to hide eggs around here,” joked Daly.

Daly pointed out that staggering the start times helped out.

“It gives everyone an opportunity to take in all the aspects of the Easter Egg Hunt,” explained Daly.

While the Easter Egg Hunt was rolling along, there was a colouring contest under the pavilion at the WFCU Fieldhouse and photos with the Easter Bunny in the lobby of the UCCU Complex.

Jamie Droucher, who brought her two-year-old son Sam and four-year-old daughter Sophia said she loves bringing her children to events like this.

“They have so much fun. I though they were so cute walking down the field picking up the egg,” said Droucher. “I’m not sure who had more fun, my kids or me.”

Droucher said she wasn’t sure how she would like the staggering start times but admits she likes this way much better than everyone starting at the same time.

“This is a much better way,” she said. “The smaller kids can enjoy themselves and go at their own pace and not worry about being trampled or not getting any eggs.”

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