Housing starts on the rise in Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


Housing starts in Amherstburg are on the rise with the number for 2015 entering triple digits for the first time since 2010.

There were 126 housing starts in Amherstburg in 2015, up from 80 in 2014. Starts appear to be strong in 2016 with Amherstburg building department statistics showing 31 housing starts having been reported as of last Thursday. By April 14, 2015, there were 16 houses as of that date, though chief building official Steve Brown noted there was still snow on the ground for much of last spring.

Brown stated there were 50 permits issued last year and 75 projected for April this year.

New housing starts are on the rise in Amherstburg, including this home in the Canard Valley subdivision in McGregor.

New housing starts are on the rise in Amherstburg, including this home in the Canard Valley subdivision in McGregor.

“Townhouses are getting pretty popular right now,” he said.

Housing starts are expected to exceed last year’s total, he added. Last year’s 126 starts also included 23 apartments that are going into the Blue Haven Motel. The upswing in building activity is being credited to people simply liking the town, said Brown.

Not only do people like the downtown area, they also seem to like the number of festivals the municipality has as well as its relatively close proximity to Windsor. The town and its number of retailers also allows for people to get what they need closer to home, he added.

Retirees also are coming back to the area after spending their working careers in Toronto or other large cities.

“I think people just like the town,” said Brown. “We’ve got the services now.”

Brown also noted planned renovations at Fox Glen Golf Club and a permit for the former SKD factory to allow for new manufacturing in one of the units. Condominium projects that have been on the books for some time are expected to start later this year while Golfview and Canard Valley Estates subdivisions are also expected to either grow or be completed.

“I think the improvements that were done five to ten years ago are starting to pay off,” said Brown. “I think that attracts people.”

The town’s “safest community in Canada” designation could also be a reason there is an upward trend in home builds.

“Things are looking up right now,” said Brown. “The houses are very well built. The quality is there on the houses.”


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