House of Shalom honours Michelle Laframboise at fundraiser dinner


By Joel Charron

Michelle Laframboise was certainly feeling the love Friday night.

The House of Shalom hosted their annual pasta dinner fundraiser at Shooters Roadhouse with the guest of honour being the former House of Shalom program director.

Over 100 people attended the fundraiser to thank a woman who many said had touched their life in some way.

Laframboise, 32, affectionately known as “Mim” joined the House of Shalom while she was in Grade 9. After completing the House of Shalom as a member, she was asked to join the ranks as a House leader.


The House of Shalom honoured Michelle Laframboise at their annual pasta dinner fundraiser Friday evening at Shooters Roadhouse. In photo: (L to R) Holly Kirk-McLean Program Director, Michelle Laframboise, Rebecca Deline, Activities director.

Laframboise moved through the ranks of the House of Shalom becoming a head leader of a group and eventually becoming the program director of the House of Shalom.

“I have always known since I was 14 years old, I was the luckiest girl in the world to have found a place like the House of Shalom to grow and have people to learn from,” said Laframboise.

Married with two children, Laframboise said she had to resigned from the House of Shalom in order to spend more time with her husband Vince and daughter Rebecca, 5, and to help care for her sick son Conner, 3, who is suffering from an undisclosed illness.

“Conner has had medical problems since he was born,” said Laframboise. “We just learned in the summer that it’s something that’s not treatable.”

Laframboise admits that it’s hard to walk away from something that’s been a part of her for the better part of her life, however her family comes first.

“It was a really hard decision to make but it’s for the best and I leave the place in very capable hands,” she said.

Laframboise noted that the past four months have been the longest she’s been away from the House of Shalom since she started as a member in 1994.

“It’s been very hard to let Tuesday and Wednesday nights pass by without not being there,” joked Laframboise.

Laframboise’s long time friend and House leader, Bella Brewer spoke highly of her friend.

“Mim is someone who people gravitate towards. Everyone likes her, everyone wants to be around her,” said Brewer.

Brewer said Laframboise is someone that she can turn to when things are tough.

“You don’t know what strength is until you know who Mim is,” said Brewer.

House of Shalom executive director and Amherstburg Councilor John Sutton said the House of Shalom is a better place because of Laframboise.

“You always want to leave a place better than you found it and Mim has certainly done that in a number of way,” stated Sutton.

Sutton mentioned when Laframboise completed the House of Shalom as a member, it was a “given” that she would be asked to be a leader, however as a joke, Sutton said they made her stew awhile and made sure to call her last when notifying new leaders.

Sutton also said that Laframboise always had a knack of reaching people through her kindness.

“Mim’s heart has always touched people,” he said. “She has always understood it’s not what happens in between those four walls. It’s about what you take home with you and what you give back to your family and community. That’s the legacy that Mim leaves behind.”

Chelsey Frye, a member in Laframboise’s group thanked her for her kindness over the last few years.

“You are my role model,” said Frye. “You basically have been my rock for the past five years.”

Frye credited Laframboise with helping to shape her into the person that she is today.

“I’ve never met a person with a bigger heart and more generosity,” she said. “Mim, your kindness radiates through everyone here.”

“That comforting feeling we all get when we think about the House goes hand in hand with you,” she continued.



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