House of Shalom and Mason’s prepare for Haunted House opening


By Joel Charron

The members of the House of Shalom and the Amherstburg Mason’s are getting ready for another season of terrifying ghouls and blood curling screams.

Yes, that’s right folks tis the season for the return of the annual Haunted house.

The Haunted House opens its doors at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 19 and Sat. Oct. 20 and the following weekend Friday, Oct 26 and Sat. Oct. 27. It will also be open the night before Halloween as well. The Haunted House is open until 9 p.m.

“Everyone is always asking us why we’re not open the night before Halloween,” said House of Shalom activities director Rebecca Deline. “Everyone wants to come close to Halloween so we decided we’re going to give it to them.”

Admission  is $6, however guests can receive a $1 off coupon, which is found in numerous businesses in Amherstburg.

According the Deline the Mason’s have been constructing the Haunted House in the basement of the House of Shalom for nearly two months.

“They have made a few minor changes and they have also added a straw maze this year,” said Deline.

To keep attendees on their toes, Deline said all the frightening scenes have been changed as well a few more have been added.

“Last year we had 11 scenes. This year we have 15,” said Deline.

While the Mason’s take care of the construction, it’s up to the members and leaders of the House of Shalom to decorate and act in it.

Deline said it takes up to 60 volunteers to successfully run the Haunted House, however she added that she never has problem finding volunteers for this event.

“Everyone loves helping out with the Haunted House,” said Deline. “They start asking about it in June. It’s just an incredibly fun thing to do.”

House of Shalom member Robert O’Reilly said setting up the Haunted House can be an “interesting process.”

“We get to try on all the costumes and see if they still fit. Some fit a lot better than others,” he laughed.

O’Reilly noted there is a job for everyone preparing for the Haunted House.

“If you don’t want to decorate you could help build it or if you don’t like that you can act in one of the scenes. There is a job for everyone to do,” he said.

Deline added that the House of Shalom “really enjoys” their partnership with the Mason’s.

“It’s one of the more creative partnerships,” said Deline. “We love working with them.”

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