Homegrown talent Amanda Ferguson makes it to CBC Windsor anchor chair


By Chase Ferguson

When a high school trip to the CBC Windsor studios sparked Amanda Ferguson’s interest in television journalism many years ago, she had no idea she would one day return to anchor the news.

“Things have really come full circle,” Ferguson said.

Amherstburg residents may have recognized a familiar face in the anchor chair of CBC Windsor’s six o’clock newscast.

Amherstburg’s own Amanda Ferguson, 27, anchored the nightly news for three weeks in August and will return to the show for a longer contract starting in September.

For Ferguson, a graduate of General Amherst high school, the opportunity to work close to home is a dream come true.

“I heard about the anchor opening in Windsor and it of course being my hometown made it a job I wanted very badly,” Ferguson said in an interview. “It was great news when I got the job in the end.”

Since graduating from Carleton University in 2007 with a journalism degree, Ferguson’s career has taken her far from home, from Edmonton, to Regina, to Calgary.


Amherstburg native Amanda Ferguson will be anchoring the nightly news at CBC Windsor for the upcoming year.

Working on television has been a long-time ambition of Ferguson who recalled playing DJ with an old stereo growing up in her Amherstburg home.

“That’s when I first thought working on TV could be a really cool job,” she said.  “By grade 10 being a journalist was near the top of my list for future careers.”

Ferguson started her professional journalism career in print, working for both the Windsor Star and the Edmonton Journal before shifting to television at a local station in Edmonton.  Her thirst for more hard news stories sent her to Saskatchewan to report for Global Regina.

“I really wanted to get into more competitive breaking news stories,” she said. “That’s what I really excelled at.”

Ferguson worked in Regina for two years and got a few opportunities to serve as backup anchor.  Some of her stories even made Global’s national broadcast.

For the past year Ferguson had been working as a reporter for CBC Calgary before finding the opportunity in Windsor.

After years of working in Western Canada Ferguson said she is thrilled to be reporting the news where she grew up.

“Working so far away you get more and more homesick and miss some big events in people’s lives, so I’m really happy to be back in Ontario.”

Ferguson will continue filling in for the regular CBC anchor Susan Pedler who is on leave until July of next year.  After that she is unsure where the job will take her.

“I know that reporting and anchoring is definitely something I want to keep doing,” she said.  “I would love to just keep moving forward.”

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