Hogwarts themed event coming to Amherstburg



By Jolene Perron


Have you ever wanted to know if you’d be best suited for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? Do you know all there is to know about Harry Potter? This event may be the event you’ve been waiting for.

No need to travel to Detroit for events like Pottercon, or to Universal Studios, instead just wait until Oct. 28 and head over to the Columbus Community Hall to take part in the Sorting Ceremony, an authentic English dinner and then begin the skill testing trivia tournament, with a cash prize of $400 (in Muggle currency of course).

The event will be put on by ACCESS County Community Support Services , which executive director John Sutton explains is a not-for-profit organization, which meets the ever-changing needs of Windsor and Essex county. Through their after school programs in both Harrow and Leamington, to their Youth in Transition program which helps youth transition out of care with the Children’s Aid Society, to Community Nutrition programs which includes more than 40 community gardens, nutrition workshops and cooking classes, and ACCESS Housing, which is a team dedicated to eradicating chronic homelessness in the region as a member of the Windsor Essex Housing Connections.

“We’re always looking for creative ways to engage the community and our volunteer base while raising much needed funds for our various programs,” said Sutton. “The Halloween at Hogwarts idea marries the trivia craze with the ever popular Harry Potter Saga and promises to be a “spooktacular” event that will test even the most ardent fan of all things Hogwarts. Proceeds will be used to fund all Access Programs.”

Development manager at ACCESS, Wendy German will be the one heading the event with her colleagues and volunteers. She said they wanted to have the event in Amherstburg because ACCESS is a county-based agency. She explained “if you can’t come to us, we will come to you,” for any of their services including housing and basic needs, to nutrition programs and more.

“By holding events at different locations around the county, we can share the message of our services to those in need and share awareness and opportunities to donate, support and volunteer to those in different towns,” said German. “Love for the Harry Potter Series is widespread. In addition to popular events in both Detroit and Goodrich, we held just a trivia around Harry Potter in March at Colasanti’s. It sold out in a week with a waiting list, so we know there is interest. There also happen to be a lot of staff at ACCESS who are very fond of the series and that makes for a great planning committee and lots of creative ideas.”

ACCESS will be decorating for the event with the theme of Hogwarts in mind. German explained they want the event to be as authentic as possible. The Knights of Columbus will be providing the meal and the bar, and the staff, volunteers and committee at ACCESS will be planning, decorating and in attendance at the event to ensure the guests “have a truly magical experience.” They will event have rare and magical items up for auction including dragon eggs and flying keys – if you can catch them. Butterbeer will also be available for those patrons over the age of 19. And of course, Honeyduke’s candy bar will have those treats everyone loves including Bertie Botts Ever Flavor Beans and Chocolate Frogs.

The event is sold out.

The Columbus Community Hall is located at 190 Richmond St. (formerly known as the K of C Hall).

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