Historical U.S. flag will once again fly in KNYP

By Karen Fallon
In preparation for the War of 1812 bicentennial celebration the town will add the historical United States flag bearing 15-stars to its present five flag line–up at the Kings Navy Yard Park which already includes the neighbouring nation’s modern-day flag.
Council agreed to add the historical flag, which would have flown in 1812, after it was noted that town’s historical committee would like to see it flown at the park for the up-coming celebration.
Councillor Carolyn Davies says she discovered after speaking with members of the society that the modern flag was “put up in error” and once there was never changed back.
“I think we should go   back to what was the original intention of the flag,” said Davies. “The Kings Navy Yard Park was to reflect what went on at the time the navy yard was functioning.”
In a report by Dennis Laporte, Director Recreation and Culture and Anne Rota, Manager of Tourism and Culture, points out that Andree St-Louis Information and Distribution Officer State Ceremonial Canadian Heritage Government of Canada, says that: “It would be quite in order for the flag of the United States to be a modern one, and not a historical one.”
Amherstburg is in no violation of how the flags are currently flown. However if Council chooses to change the order to all “historical Flags” with the exception of course of our Canadian flag in the center and higher than the rest, it is up to Council’s discretion, says LaPorte
Rota’s noted that the bicentennial is designed to celebrate 200 years of peace existing between the countries that are represented by the flags.
Rota suggested that the town that the line up of flags could result in the Canadian flag in the middle, the modern day American a little lower and then the historical flags on each side of them including the U.S. 15 star flag.
“This way you are celebrating the historical flags that were flown in Amherstburg, but also the modern day peace that exists between the two nations,” said Rota.   “That would be wonderful and very fitting.”
This would result in the line-up of flags being: the French White flag (1763); British (1765): Canada – in the center – (1963 to present) the British Union Jack (1815-1963) reflect 1812.
Council agreed with Rota’s suggestion.

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