High speed internet sought by rural resident

By Karen Fallon

Seeking an upgrade in internet service along Amherstburg’s second concession, Tony DiBartolomeo, addressed council at its meeting held August 15.

“If you live on 2nd Con. North and call Bell Canada for high speed internet, the request is denied because of their outdated equipment,” said DiBartolomeo.    “Ontario Hydro has made a valiant effort to keep us up and running…but it is still an old line that needs to be replaced.

DiBartolomeo requested that the town petition Hydro One to upgrade their main trunk lines servicing Concession 2 North and also petition Bell Canada.

A carbon copy of the request should also be sent to the CRTC, says DiBartolomeo.

As the Town of Amherstburg “recently received a generous grant to upgrade internet services” the resident suggested that council explore the possibility of a partnership with “our local cable provider to run cable and extend services for rural residents to provide cable and most importantly internet services as an alternative to Bell Canada.”

“You are talking to the choir,” said mayor Wayne Hurst. “We will certainly raise that particular request.”

DiBartolomeo also asked that the town modernize their services within the Town of Amherstburg in order to accommodate high speed internet access.

Council agreed to send correspondence to those outlined in DiBartolomeo’s request

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