Hair one minute, gone the next

By Joel Charron

On Sunday afternoon, AMA Sportsmen’s Club was transformed in a haircutting battleground against cancer.

The eighth annual “Wigs for Kids fundraiser which has raised over $48,000 in the past six years took place this past Sunday.

Carol Fryer, who began the fundraiser eight years ago in honor of four friends who fell victim to cancer set up a mini-barbershop in AMA Sportsmen’s Club to cut the ponytails of anyone wishing to donate their hair to the noteworthy cause.

“After my friends passed away from cancer, I thought there had to be something I could do to help,” said Fryer, owner of Carol’s Hair Design. “It’s hard to see people go through something terrible like cancer, especially the little ones.”

Viviene Woods and Leslie Bishop, 4 show off her freshly cut pony tail during the Wigs for Kids Fundraiser on Sunday, Sept. 18.

Fryer said they have no idea how many to expect during the afternoon event. Some with hair to donate for the “Wigs for Kids” program and some just looking to do their part in the battle against cancer.

Fryer also displayed the over 50 ponytails that people have donated to the cause.

“We’ve already had a lot of people donate their ponytails,” said Fryer. “During the year, when people cut their hair they know what we do and they want to help out.”

Supporters were sent out into the public to find pledges to sponsor them in the hairsplitting event. Fryer commended all supporters for their efforts in raising money for this event.

In order for the hair to be donated to the “Kids for Wigs” program the hair must be six inches or longer. The hair is then collected and sent off to Toronto where the hair is then transformed into wigs.

Not only do Fryer and her volunteers help raise money to battle the disease but also every year they donated $1,000 to a family to help out with the ever-growing medical costs.

This year, Fryer said they are donating the $1,000 to Tammy Renaud to pay for her treatment in the states

Along with people bringing in pledges there were plenty of other fundraising efforts such as 50/50 tickets and raffle prizes. Fryer said over 80 businesses “jumped on board” and donated all the prizes to her cause.

“It’s just phenomenal in how the people support us,” said Fryer. “Especially in this economy, people are hurting but they know that there are people who are hunting more.”

Fryer also thanked all the volunteers that donate their time to make everything possible.

“It is just wonderful how these people just want to help out,” she said.

The hair is donated to a company in Toronto to make the wigs, while the funds are donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

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