Guernsey delegates welcomed to town


By Karen Fallon

Council recently extended a warm Amherstburg welcome to Guernsey visitors Sir Geoffrey Rowland, and Mike O’Hara, Minister of Culture and Leisure, at the Oct. 15 meeting.

The pair were in the area, accompanied by their wives Diana Rowland and Teresa O’Hara, in connection with the bicentennial of the War of 1812, as Guernsey is the birthplace of Major General Sir Isaac Brock.

“Although, a native to Guernsey,” said Sir Geoffrey Rowland. “Brock was to spill his blood on Canadian soil.”


L-R Diana Rowland, Mike O’Hara, Minister of Culture and Leisure of Guernsey, Mayor Wayne Hurst, Teresa O’Hara and Sir Geoffrey Rowland. Some of the group are seen here holding gifts which were exchanged after O’Hara and Sir Geoffrey Rowland spoke to council about their connection to Major General Sir Isaac Brock who was a native of Guernsey.

“It is a great pleasure to be here during this bicentennial year,” said Sir Geoffrey Rowland, who noted that the trip to Canada was initiated through an invitation to be a guest speaker at Niagara on the Lake.

Sir Geoffrey Rowland, who for a decade presided over parliament in the position of Bailiff  in Guernsey in the Channel Islands, said that Canada is: “A very leading nation in the Common Wealth something I am sure we all appreciate and respect.”

The invitation to come to  Amherstburg was extended by John McDonald, president of the Amherstburg Heritage Committee says Sir Geoffrey Rowland, who was speaking later that evening at   Amherstburg’s Christ Church along with O’Hara.

“I have never felt community spirit and warmth and hospitality like it and I go all over the world,” said O’Hara, who noted that it was his first visit to Canada.

“What I have noticed about your wonderful nation is that it is pristine,” said O’Hara,. “That just shows how much pride you have in your country.”

In connection with the town’s involvement with the many events held this year surrounding the war of 1812, Wayne Hurst praised the work of the town’s event planner Anne Rota for her “outstanding” job on the bicentennial and many other such celebrations.

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