Greetings from Australian Fire Chief

By Aaron Jahn

Amherstburg Fire Chief Randy Sinasac had the opportunity to visit with Inspector Neil Fanning, Area Commander, from the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service on December 21.

A visit of this kind is not uncommon for firefighters when they travel abroad, with Sinasac saying that he also visits stations in the communities he visits.

“Absolutely I would take the time to do it, if I’m going to another country especially, usually when I’m on vacation just about any station when I’m going to a new city I pop in and exchange patches,” said Sinansac.  “ It’s a very, very nice gesture and much appreciated.”


Inspector Neil Fanning of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service presents Amherstburg Fire Chief Randy Sinasac with a plaque while visitng and touring the station.

Fanning was in town to visit his son Nathan, on an exchange to study at the University of Windsor.  It was his son in part who was responsible for the connection between the two officers. He is engaged to the daughter, Emily Buchanan, of Sinasac’s high school friend and current General Amherst teacher Taras Buchanan.

“One purpose of the visit here is my son lives in town, we’ve come to visit Nate over Christmas.  But as a gesture of goodwill, we’ve come here to present Chief with a plaque from our fire service from the Queensland fire department.   Senior officers do (exchange plaques and badges) we wouldn’t normally give it to a firefighter, but I’m one of the senior officers of our brigade, so just as we go around to other countries as a goodwill token.”

Fanning said that no matter where he travels abroad, or when people from other parts visit his station, they are welcomed with open arms.

“It’s like a world wide brotherhood, we’ve been to New York and San Francisco, any fire station pretty well I’ll knock on the door and they’ll say come on in.  And we do that at our fire station, just knock on the door and we end up talking for hours,” said Fanning.


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