Grade 9 Day organized at General Amherst



By Ron Giofu


Grade 9 orientation day was one way to get new students acclimated to General Amherst High School.

Now, thanks to teacher Greg Scott’s fitness and recreational leadership class, the new students had another way to get used to their new educational home.

A Grade 9 Day was held recently prior to the school’s Terry Fox Run/Walk where the new students got to have some fun with the guidance of the older students in the leadership class.

Grade 9 students at General Amherst High School were given a further welcome thanks to a Grade 9 Day. They took part in various activities that were organized by the school’s fitness and recreational leadership class.

Cassidy Zelle, a student in the fitness and recreational leadership class, estimated it has been over two decades since General Amherst last had such an event.

“This is the first time we’ve had a Grade 9 Day at General Amherst in 23 years,” said Zelle. “It’s a way to get the Grade 9’s involved and let them get to know their classmates.”
While those were goals of the Grade 9 orientation day, Zelle added this was another way of getting the younger students involved particularly since they are now more comfortable. There were games and team activities and “they are having fun and doing chants. It’s great.”

Zelle said she hopes this will become an annual event, adding that the student council also got involved by getting lunch for the Grade 9 students.

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