Good Shepherd Lutheran Church dedicates new stained glass windows



By Ron Giofu


New stained glass windows, created with the help of a local artist, have officially been dedicated at a local church.

The eight new stained glass windows in the sanctuary at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church were created by Larry Gardner of Amherstburg. They were dedicated as part of an Oct. 29 service conducted by Pastor Tim Schneider.

Heidi Gagnier, a parishioner at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, was part of a committee that worked with Gardner and his team to create the windows. The stained glass windows are illuminated by florescent lights as the sanctuary is actually located in the centre of the church building.

The entire process took about two years to complete, and involved Gardner bringing drawings to the committee and deciding what images and colours should be used in the stained glass windows.

“It was a process of getting what we wanted,” Gardner explained. “It was a collaboration between the congregation and us.”

Pastor Tim Schneider, parishioner Heidi Gagnier and Larry Gardner stand beside one of the new stained glass windows at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church that Gardner’s company created.

Gagnier said Gardner had done some work for her so she recommended him to the parish. She added a lot of people donated, but many chose to stay anonymous.

“For me, it was a wonderful experience. It really brought the congregation together,” said Gagnier.

Gagnier also credited Rev. Paul Pollex for his work when he was vacancy pastor.

“Rev. Pollex was instrumental in not only making sure the details found on the windows were Biblically correct, but helped us prepare the pamphlet describing the meanings behind the symbols and scenes depicted in the windows,” said Gagnier. “He was a great promoter of this project.”

It is also a teaching tool for children, with Schneider noting that he used the windows with a children’s group to talk about the images contained in the windows.

At the same service, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church also celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which gave birth to the Lutheran Church as a denomination of the Christian faith. Schneider pointed out that Oct. 31 is the true anniversary date, when Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenberg calling for debate.

“The debate never came and this event sparked a series of events that is known in history as the Reformation,” said Schneider.

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