Girls OFSSA volleyball tournament to be held in A’Burg

By Joel Charron

The General Amherst Lady Gens senior volleyball team has a little more incentive for advancing to OFSSA this year.

This year the OFSSA tournament that determines Ontario top girls volleyball team will be held in Amherstburg.

While the organizing is still in the early stages, General Amherst Lady Gens head coach Jeff Miller said OFSSA will take place on March 5-7, a week before March Break.

“It’s a big event for Amherstburg. I don’t think the school (Amherst) has ever hosted an OFSSA Championship before,” said Miller.

The first two days games will be played at Amherst, as well as, St. Clair College and Essex High School.

On the last day of competition all  games will be played at Amherst, which will included the semi-finals, consolation and championship games.

“It will be all on one court and it will be here,” stated Miller.

If everything goes as planned, Miller said he hopes that the lady Gens will be playing for OFSSA gold on home court.

“We definitely have good leadership and we have a few top end players, if we can get everyone else up to speed and play like they can we’re going to have a good chance playing for gold on home court.”

Miller admits the organizing such a tournament is going to take a lot of hard work and careful planning.

The OFSSA banquet will be held at the Ciociaro Club and the 19 teams in the

tournament will be staying in hotels in Windsor.

Miller said he is starting promoting OFSSA now, in hopes of rounding up community support.

“I want the people in town to know what’s going on,” said Miller.

Miller also added he will be visiting local business to gather sponsors and plans to encourage visiting teams to learn about the history of Amherstburg.

“With the bicentennial stuff going on, I would like teams to understand the history of the town, like checking out Fort Malden,” he explained.

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