Gibson Gallery now featuring “Diversified” exhibit



Gibson GalleryBy Ron Giofu


The diverse work of four regional artists that have come together for an exhibit at the Gibson Gallery is identified even in the exhibit’s title.

The Gibson Gallery is featuring the “Diversified” exhibit through Nov. 17 with the exhibit featuring about 10-15 works each from Sharon Jordan, Victoria Iler, Dan Rankin and Cecile Villemaire.

“The three of us paint together,” explained Villemaire of herself, Iler and Rankin. “We all talked about it so we came in and talked to (Gibson Gallery director) Bonnie (Deslippe).”

Iler said it had to be booked roughly one year in advance. Villemaire invited Jordan to be part of the show so it could be a foursome. They originally began mulling the idea of putting on an exhibit around the time of a members’ show at the Gibson Gallery last year.

“We call it ‘Diversified’ because we have different styles and different things we paint,” said Villemaire.

“Regardless of what style you like, there should be a picture of it somewhere,” added Iler.

Iler said she paints “a little bit of everything” in watercolours while Villemaire said she paints in multiple mediums. Much of Jordan’s work is farming-based while Rankin paints a lot of wildlife scenes.

“Every day you learn,” said Jordan. “I do learn every day.”

Villemaire said painting with others has its advantages.

“We all critique our own work. It works out really good,” said Villemaire.

It is the first exhibit for Iler and Rankin while Villemaire had an exhibit at the Gibson Gallery last year. Jordan does fairs and festivals in the Chatham-Kent area, where she lives.

Both Rankin and Iler have won prizes exhibiting their work in the Migration Festival while the Harrow Fair is another venue the artists have used to show their work.

Iler said it is interesting to see what people think of their work.

“It’s nice to get comments,” she said.

Deslippe said comments have been “very positive so far.”

Even before the exhibit was hung, board members and crafters who use the gallery saw the works and came away impressed.

“They did think the name suited the exhibit,” said Deslippe. “It was so diverse.”

The Gibson Gallery has a mandate to promote local artists and the current exhibit “fits the bill.” She said their exhibit committee agreed it would be “a wonderful exhibit for the gallery.”

Deslippe also noted one work is at Dalhousie Bistro and four more are at Artisan Grill. She said both local eating establishments have agreed to show work featured in current Gibson Gallery exhibits and Deslippe hopes that relationship can continue into the future.

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