General Amherst to host two fundraisers for Miracle League

By Jolene Perron

General Amherst’s student council is kicking off the baseball season with two new fundraisers for the Amherstburg Miracle League.

On May 12, student council invites the town to come watch a movie in General Amherst’s gymnasium. There are no tickets to be bought, instead they will be taking donations at the door. The doors will open at 6 pm and the movie will begin at 6:30 pm.

“We really encourage the community to come out and support this cause.” said General Amherst’s vice president Meaghan Marton.

The movie student council will be showing is Field of Dreams. The Miracle League players will also be making a special appearance down a red carpet.

“We’re going to be like paparazzi, so that they really feel special coming in. It’s their movie premier, it’s their night, it’s all about the Miracle League kids.” said General Amherst student council president, Katie DeLuca.

Also. on May 13, student council will be having a students vs. teachers baseball game buy out for the students at General Amherst. Tickets will cost $3, and the game will begin around 12:30 pm and wrap up by 2:15 pm at General Amherst‘s own baseball diamond. Student council welcomes anyone from the community who would like to watch the game to show up.

“It really brings the community together … We find it (the Miracle League) is a really good cause and it’s the first one in Canada, and it’s in our home town so we really want to support it and get it out there. All the kids are really sweet so we want to help them.” said DeLuca

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