General Amherst students are Christmas elves at heart

By Joel Charron

Santa’s elves and the students at General Amherst High School have a lot in common.

While the Amherst students may not make toys, their goal is the same, make sure every child has a good Christmas.

Thanks to the generosity of the students underprivileged children will have something to open come Christmas morning.

The school’s annual toy drive scooped up roughly  1,000 toys, with the top third period junior and senior classes getting a pizza party for collecting the most toys.

The toys were collected over a two-week period starting on Dec 1 and ending on Dec 15. All the toys collected will be donated to Spark’s Toy Drive. The toys will be distributed throughout

Amherst’s Student Council Prime Minster, Scott Sanger, teacher representative Jason Maclean and Vice Prime Minister Nick Jones sit amongst the over 1,000 collected toys.

Essex County.

Amherst teachers Jacqueline Deneau and Jason Maclean over saw the project as Amherst Student Parliament was in charge of drumming up support for the toy drive.

“I’m extremely proud of all the effort that everyone has made during this campaign,” said Maclean. “It’s the holiday season so it’s nice to see Amherst does care about the local community and wants to help it as much as possible.”

Maclean said he was particularly proud of Deneau’s Grade 10 third period class, which collected roughly 300 toys.

“That is an extraordinary contribution back to the community,” said Maclean.

Maclean noted that with over 1,000 toys collected, that averages out to be two toys per student.

Student Prime Minster Scott Sanger said the school had no set goal on how much they wanted to raise but noted that they wanted to do the same as the previous years.

“We just wanted to get toys,” said Sanger. “Personally I don’t know what it’s like to wake up on Christmas without a toy and I take that for granted sometimes. I definitely wanted give back to children who aren’t as fortunate as I am.”

Sanger also mentioned that he’s very proud to represent General Amherst as their Student Prime Minster, stating that Amherst always steps up to help its community.

“Definitely knew our students could come through with this amount of toys,” he said.

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