General Amherst student council throws Christmas party for Amherstburg Public


By Jolene Perron


General Amherst student council invited kindergarten classes from Amherstburg Public elementary school to their cafeteria where they set up a number of crafts and games for the children to partake in.

Both English and French classes came out and divided into groups, rotating through stations of cookie decorating, coloring, creating their own reindeer, singing Christmas carols and more.

Amherstburg Public School JK students and General Amherst students gathered for a Christmas party in the Amherst cafeteria last Friday morning.

“It’s kind of an annual thing we do every year and it demonstrates what Amherst has to offer at a younger age so they’re able to come here and kind of see the spirit we have and how welcoming we are,” said 2017-18 prime minister Linden Crain. “It’s great, I love all of them, they’re defiantly easy to get along with and they’re always entertained.”

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