General Amherst raises over 7,400 cans in May can drive


By Joel Charron

General Amherst students have once again stepped up to help their community.

On Monday morning, General Amherst students gathered in the gymnasium to celebrate their latest accomplishment.

During the month of May, General Amherst held a can drive with the goal to raise 5,000 cans with all proceeds going towards the St. Vincent de Paul.

Well, they reached that goal and then some.Western Obstacle Challenge rent

“We raised 7,465 cans during May,” General Amherst student council Prime Minister Scott Sanger announced to the student body.

However, this was no ordinary can drive.

Sanger said student council wanted to do “something different” to promote the can drive and decided to play off the popular movie “The Hunger Games.”


Amherst teacher Jason McLean gets his head shavdn by Jaylin VandeBovenkamp

Sanger said  they picked  “tributes” (teachers) with outgoing personalities to go head-to-head for the month of May to see which teacher could encourage students to bring the most cans in for their side.  Mike Balogh headed up one team while Jason McLean headed the other.

‘They pretty much had to campaign to every single student to bring in cans on their behalf,” said Sanger.

During May, Balogh and McLean competed against each other in challenges, where they could wager cans against each other, which Sanger said made for some “pretty entertaining moments.”

Sanger said he’s very proud of Balogh and McLean for “embracing the idea and running with it.”

“It’s normal to go to your job and do what you have to do,” said Sanger. “Mr. Balogh and Mr. McLean have really gone above what we asked them to do. We raised 2,500 more cans than our goal and it’s really thanks to them.”

Before the final number was announced to the students Balogh squared off against McLean in a dodgeball match with students with the loser getting a pie in the face. McLean’s team ended up winning and Balogh was hit in the face with a blueberry pie.

To add a little more incentive, McLean told the student body, the class which brought it the most cans could shave his head.

“Overall I’m very impressed that we were able to surpass our goal of 5,000 cans,” said McLean. “I’m proud of our students the way they took on this can drive. I’m glad the school can give back to the community we belong to.”

President of the St. Vincent de Paul St Jean the Baptist conference Denise Bondy said she is “completely

Jason McLean smashes a blueberry pie in the face of fellow teacher Mike Balogh. Balogh got a pie in the face for losing the dodgeball challenge

surprised” with the massive donation.

“This is a big surprise,” she said. “June is not a typical time to get donation like these. This was a totally off the wall, unexpected and much, much needed donation.”

Bondy said the community need for the food bank has increased this year.

“This donation will help us get through the summer months. We won’t be needing to purchase as much stuff as we would normally,” she stated. ‘This will hold us over until the elementary schools have their can drives.”

“We are helping people who need it most,” said Sanger. “We want to give back to the community and get involved. It’s what being a Bulldog is all about.”

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