General Amherst participates in “Pink Shirt Day” to promote anti-bullying


Amherst Pink shirt day2By Haley Rose


General Amherst High School, along with other schools in Canada, participated in Pink Shirt Day last Wednesday as a way to help stop bullying.

The event started back in 2007 when a young Nova Scotia boy went to school one day and was bullied for wearing a pink polo shirt. Two boys he went to school with, Travis Price and David Shepard,decided this wasn’t acceptable, so they took matters into their own hands. That night they went out and bought pink tops, which they wore to school the next day.

This caught on and soon everyone in the school was wearing pink. Today, schools around the country participate in Pink Shirt Day to stand up to bullying.

Student parliament prime minister Linsey Lim says that “today is important because it’s a day where everyone comes together as one to stand up to bullying. Wearing pink helps notify others that bullying is never the right thing to do.”

Another Grade 12 council member, Tyler Week’es, shared his thoughts on the day saying “I think Pink Shirt Day is slowly increasing the awareness among teens and society that bullying is not only wrong but not tolerated. It shows that we as a school, are taking a stand in hopes that as a student body, we can influence other people to stand up too.”

General Amherst believes that as a school and nation it is important show people no one fights alone, and that bullying is nothing to be taken lightly no matter what age you are. Special thanks were extended to all the staff and students at Amherst who did their part by making the school pink for the day.


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