General Amherst honours top athletes

By Joel Charron

General Amherst showed thanks to their student athletes by hosting their annual Evening of Athletic Excellence banquet at the Verdi Club last Wednesday night.

Over 40 athletes were honoured in 19 sports during the annual pasta dinner.

The night kicked off with Athletic Director Jim MacDougall thanking the coaches for their dedication to their teams and students.

“It’s amazing how much hard work, how much effort and how much passion all of these coaches put in every single day to make the athletic program what it is today,” said MacDougall.

MacDougall also thanked the parents, stating that all Amherst teams receive “tremendous support” from all the parents.

“They do a great job showing up at games, being supportive to the coaches and kids. Driving and picking kids ups and being really flexible in their daily schedules to allow their kids to participant in extra circular activities,” he said.

Before moving onto the award portion of the night MacDougall gave praise to their student-athletes.  He mentioned that the coaches are “fortunate” to be able to work with the student-athletes that make up General Amherst.

“It’s truly a statement to the school itself, the quality of individuals that we are able to produce every year,” he said.

MacDougall said the reason why Amherst is able to get community coaches and volunteers to do the job they do is because of the students.

General Amherst teams and athletes celebrated their accomplishments over the past year at their recent Athletic Excellence Banquet at the Verdi Club last Wednesday evening.

“You make our job, sometimes a little more difficult, “ he joked. “But the majority of the time you are fantastic individuals and that is why you have the passionate coaches you have.”

The banquet was also to celebrate the school championships. Seniors Girls basketball WECSSAA and SWOSSAA AAA championships, Sr. girls volleyball WECSSAA AA and a WECSSAA AA tennis championship.

Team Awards:


Boy: Brandon Allen

Girl: Meaghan Marton.


Adam Sparling and Nick Jones


Jessica Mallender and Rebecca Mallender


Offense:Adam Robinson.

Defense: Cory Gaunt

Boys Volleyball

MVP: Luke Meloche.

Rookie of the year: Steve McWhinney.

Girl’s basketball

MVP: Michelle Harber.

Most dedicated: Mallory Reiner.

Girls Volleyball

Megan Lavoie and Jessica Bondy.

Boy’s basketball

MVP: Mitch Girard.

Rookie of the Year: Max Reiner.

Boy’s hockey

Offense: Zoran Popel.

Defense: Frank Rosati.

Girl’s hockey

Most dedicated: Stacee Pettypiece.

Corey Meloche Leadership Award: Miranda Turner.


Most dedicated (boy) – Zach Bastien

Most dedicated (girl) – Brittany Basim

Figure Skating

Award of Excellence – Korie Paquette


MVP – Chelsey Frye, Anthony Spanic


MVPs – Kim Theriault, Jennifer Desaulniers

Girl’s soccer

Awards of Excellence – Shannon Paquette, Ashley Parent

Boy’s soccer

MVP – Ethan French

Most Improved – Adam Bryan

Girl’s slo-pitch

Rookie of the Year – Olivia Gyori

MVP – Jessica Bondy

Boy’s baseball

MVPs – Mike McNorgan, Blake Brett

Track and Field

Male MVP – Brandon Allen

Female MVP – Meaghan Marton

Major Sports Awards

Top Male Junior Athletes – Max Reiner, Todd Girard, Blaine Bechard, Dylan Jaber, Matt Rosati, Mike Popel

Top Female Junior Athletes – Sarah Bondy, Rebecca Krug, Alex Leroux, Robin Kellam, Katie Breault, Natalie Coughlin

Spirit Award

Jessica Bondy, Mike McNorgan

Sportsmanship Award  Mallory Reiner

Most Dedicated Athlete

Frank Rosati (male), Miranda Turner (female)

Top Female Student Athlete: Meaghan Marton

Top Male Student Athlete: Cameron Scott

Top Female Athlete: Christine Belcher

Top Male Athlete: Mitch Girard

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