General Amherst High School recognizes students for academic achievements



By Jolene Perron


More than 300 students were recognized last week during General Amherst High School’s Academic Awards Ceremony at the Ciociaro Club in Tecumseh.

“It’s always nice to reward kids in this day and age when a lot of the things we are rewarded with, everyone gets a prize,” explained principal Melissa DeBruyne. “Well, not everyone gets a prize here, it’s just those who have worked really hard for something very special.”
Students were recognized for their achievements in the year prior, gathering Grade 10, 11 and 12 students together with their families for an evening of dinner and awards.

General Amherst High School held its annual academic awards banquet last week at the Ciociaro Club in Tecumseh. This year’s “Top Dog” Award winners were Megan Fishwild for Grade 11 (left), Jeremie Bornais for Grade 10 (centre) and Abby Orchard for Grade 9 (right). The awards were for the highest averages in each grade.

This year’s Top Dog Award Winners were Abby Orchard for Grade 9, Jeremie Bornais for Grade 10 and Megan Fishwild for Grade 11.

“I’m very proud. I know Jeremie works very hard. I know that it’s something he has put a lot of effort into and I’m very happy,” said Jeremie Bornais father, Jeremie. “He is the type of kid that sets goals and goes after those goals and achieves them, so I’m very proud of him. We know how well and how hard everyone works and we know that everyone has the ability to be the top, so we are very impressed.”

Michael Thompson receives his certificate of honors during General Amherst’s Academic Awards Ceremony last week.

Jeremie explained his son is the provincial chief squire for all of Ontario and not only dedicates himself to his school work but he also dedicates a tremendous amount of time to help those less fortunate than himself. His family was proud to watch him receive his Top Dog award last week.

“I am always inspired when I see this, and I get excited about the kids crossing the stage,” said DeBruyne. “When I see how they light up, or they’re scared but they look out to see their parent or guardian who is there for them, it’s a pretty proud moment.”

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