General Amherst graduates over 200 students

By Joel Charron

It’s the day that every student dreams of when they first enter the doors of General Amherst High School…graduation day.

Over 200 General Amherst students received their high diploma in front of friends and family last Wednesday night.

The 89th Annual Commencement, which is usually held at the Verdi Club, was moved to the United Communities Credit Union Complex’s Rink A this year.

While the 216 students waited to walk on stage to receive their diplomas, Greater Essex County District School Board trustee, Helga Bailey addressed the Class of 2011.

“I would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2011 on their outstanding accomplishment,” said Bailey. “Be all that you have achieved be a solid foundation upon which you can build a bright future. Remember, the future holds endless possibilities for all who believe in themselves.”

Superintendent of Education, Terry Lyons also extended his congratulations.

“Tonight we celebrate the success of many of our students,” he said. “For some of you the journey was easy, for others you had to get hit with a bag of hammers before you got the idea. Learn from your past successes and struggles and look forward to the next phase in your life. Remember your life lessons, good and bad. Don’t ever let anyone define who you are.”

General Amherst Principal Mary Edwards also addressed the graduates.

“The students in the audience have worked very hard to get here,” she said. “Each of you brought something unique to the school and you all possess great skills that will take you any where you want in life. It has been a pleasure to get to know you all and a wonderful learning experience. Although I am sad to see you go I know you will do great things in the years to come.

Once the diplomas were handed out and the student back in their seats, two of their peers addressed the class.

Meaghan Marton (let) and Katie Deluca (right) explained to the audience what it meant to be a Bulldog.

Katie Deluca and Meaghan Marton delivered what many called a memorable valedictorian address. Both students thanked their families and teachers for their support.

“We will never forget what you have done for us,” said Marton.

Both Deluca and Marton said the pride of being a “Bulldog” will always stay with them as they reminisced about memories over the past four years.

“We have all battled together,” said Deluca. “It is a real honour to come from Amherst.”

Vice-principal Jon Proctor said the changes and challenges the graduates will face will sometimes be great but was confident all would be up for the task.

Graduation Awards:

Amherstburg Lions Club Bursary – Camillia DiPasquale

Bet Sigma Phi Sorority XI Beta Omega Bursary – Kayla Edwards, Karly Lavoie

Coca-Cola Bursary – Jessica Mallender, Rebecca Mallender

Centreline (Windsor) Ltd. Scholarship – Jeremy Croteau, Luke Meloche

Compass Group Bursary – Nathan DiPasquale, Nicholas Walker

Veronica Coyle Bursary – Cassidy Logsdon

Essex Powerlines Corporation Bursary – Kevin Spratt

First Recognition Bursary – Sierra Coates

Gibson Art Gallery bursary – Maggie McDowall

General Amherst Staff Bursary – Carlee Stoyanovich, Cameron Scott

General Amherst APES Bursary – Ellen D’Aloisio, Meaghan Marton

GAHS Class of 1960 Bursary – Stacey Wiley

Governor General’s Academic Medal and Certificate – Joseph Ferrarelli

Danny Hallock Memorial Bursary – Jeff Masson

Keith Harrick Memorial Bursary – Joshua Gatt

IOTA Group (Mrs. Margaret Squire) Bursary – Shannon Paquette, Nathan DiPasquale

Nelson Kappes Memorial Bursary – Murial Kersey

Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award – Jonathan Martin

Estate of Dora Helen Lord – Candice Clouthier, Sydney Meloche

M.A. McGill Scholarship – Matthew Andrews, Shannon Paquette (biology), Angeli Desaulniers (music)

Maria’s Restaurant Bursary – Jessica Owen

McGregor Knights of Columbus Bursary – Danny Dupont, Lacey Ricard

Corey Meloche Memorial Bursary – Katelyn Brochert, Krista Ficociello, Stacee Pettypiece

•ENM Mills Bursary – Cody Keefner, Cecilia Kehoe, Sidney Ferriss, Morgan Laramie

Naples Pizza Bursary – Brandon Marentette

Jessica Ondejko Memorial Bursary – Brittany Lampard

Ontario Principal’s Award – Catherine Deluca

BP Overholt Scholarship – Joseph Ferrarelli

Parent Council Bulldog Spirit Award Bursary – MacKenzie Kovaliv, Meaghan Marton, Matthew Andrews, Catherine Deluca

Principal’s Award for Student Leadership Plaque – Catherine Deluca

Susanne Pucovsky Memorial Bursary – Zach Bastien

Jerry Robinson Memorial Scholarship – Alex Harris

Royal Canadian Legion Br. 157 bursary – Amanda Mills, Tina Matera, Shayna Raby, Amanda Rehel.

Student Services Award – Erin Botsford

Thrasher Sales & Leasing Scholarship – Kevin Seguin

United Communities Credit Union Bursaries – Matthew Andrews, Lindsay Turner

Susan Whelan Student Leadership Award Bursary – Shannon Paquette

WT Wilkinson Bursary – Meaghan Marton, Mitch Girard

Estate of Julia Wilkinson, RH Abbott Award – Stacey Wiley

Estate of Julia Wilkinson, JA Auld Prize – Stacey Wiley

Estate of Julia Wilkinson, WE Balfour Prize – Joseph Ferrarelli

Estate of Julia Wilkinson, BP Overholt Prize – Joseph Ferrarelli

St. Clair College Scholarships – Ellen D’Aloisio, Mariah Ford, Stacee Pettypiece, Jillian Dennis, Nicole Jahn, Julianna Segatto, Allison Gray, Camillia DiPasquale, Kaylee Williams, Autumn Laing, Rebecca Rocheleau, Tiffany Woods, Sierrah Coates, Angela Mitchell, Miranda Ritchie-Toth, Zoran Popel, Luke Mailloux, Matthew Ventura, Luke Meloche, Joshua Gatt, Christopher Seguin, Justin Hebbethwaite

School Crest Awards – Katie Deluca, Katelyn Redel-Brochert, Meaghan Marton, Jeff Masson, Mackenzie Kovaliv, Jessica Mallender, Angeli Desaulniers, Cameron Scott, Anthony Spanic, Nick Keeler, Matthew Andrews, Stephanie Spanic, Rebecca Mallender, Mitch Girard, Candice Clouthier, Mike McNorgan, Carlee Stoyanovich, Maggie McDowall, Mallory Reiner, Krista Ficociello, Chelsey Frye, Adam Robinson, Aaron Harber, Alex Harris

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