General Amherst donates $250 to EZE Riders



By Jolene Perron


General Amherst student council asked their students to participate in a spirit day and donate just $2 for a local organization.

Teacher Keith Gale, who is a part of the EZE Riders of Mocha Temple Shriners approached student council to ask if they would consider his organization to be the recipient of a fundraiser which would be incorporated into a spirit day. Deputy Prime Minister Tate Levesque, said because the Shriners are known for their hats, a “hat day” fundraiser would be most fitting.

“It’s a good feeling,” said Levesque. “I’m glad that we also got the school involved and they all came around to help out, it’s good to donate and it’s good to get involved.”

General Amherst deputy prime minister Tate Levesque (right) and prime minister Linden Crain, and alongside teacher Keith Gale (left) presented a check for $250 to representatives from the EZE Riders Mocha Temple Shriners Jan. 9.

The Shriners were presented with a check for $250 Jan. 9. President of the EZE Riders of Mocha Temple Shriners, Tom Moffat, said their parade unit raises funds for 22 hospitals in North America who provide pediatric care “specializing in orthopedics, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate.”

“It’s truly an honor and a privilege,” said Moffat. “Anything given to the shrine goes directly to the hospitals, we don’t keep any of it. Everything you raised will go to the children’s hospitals. The closest one here is in Montreal. I visited that last year, it’s a wonderful facility.”

Moffat explained families are able to attend specific hospitals and the Shriners are able to pay for their family’s transportation and lodging while their child is in care.

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