General Amherst debuts revamped website

By Joel Charron

General Amherst High School is stepping into the 21st Century by launching the school’s new website and Facebook group page.

The website, features a brand new look and is linked the school in Facebook aimed at taking a more interactive approach with the community.

“The way things have been we wanted to communicate with the public more,” said vice-principal Jon Proctor.

General Amherst vice-principial Jon Proctor stands with students Nick Walker, Kevin Spratt and teacher John Clarke. Clarke’s communication technology class was responsible for designing the new website.

It was Proctor who came up with the idea of revamping the website. Proctor approached teacher John Clarke about having his Grade 12 communication technology class take on the project.

“I thought it was a great idea,” said Clarke. “I knew the student wouldn’t have a problem with it, someone them have been working with html since they were in Grade 7.”

Although the entire class worked on the beginning stages, like writing flowcharts, the designing aspect fell in the lap of four students, Kevin Spratt, Nick Walker, Chris Boussey and Josh Gatt.

“This site is much more user-friendly interface, because of that it is easier to navigate through the site and find the information that you need,” said Spratt. “A graphically the site just looks better.”

Proctor mentioned having that site linked with Facebook will allow General Amherst to update people faster about bus cancellations, school events and any other activity related to General Amherst.

“The whole point of the Facebook group page is to reach people through social media,” said Proctor.

He also mentioned that their goal is to build up communication and collaborate more with the public.

Library and educational material are being updated and added to the website to help enhance the school learning commons. Course curriculums and material will also be added to the site so students and parents can access lesson plans in case of a student’s absence.

Surveys and polls are also included in the plans for the future.

“We hope to get the course curriculums online,” said Proctor.

The site is fully accessible and is compliant with school board policies.

Spratt said the students have been working on the new website since February.

“We’ve been working on this every day,” said Spratt.

Spratt mentioned that although the design team worked on the site in class they also spend numerous hours of their own time preparing the site for its launch.

“There was a lot of hours spent outside the classroom in getting this website up and running,” said Spratt.

Clarke said the students in the communication technology class have also been working on other projects such as the redesign of the Amherstburg Family Health Team website, a promotional video for the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit and a video for the school’s June 29 graduation ceremony at the United Communities Credit Union Complex.

Both Clarke and the students said the new website is getting positive feedback with teachers looking post material to it.

Proctor noted the Grade 12 students are documenting their work so that younger students will be able to pick up where the current students left off. He said the site is the Grade 12 students’ legacy to the school and it will grow and expand as time goes on.

“I’m very proud of what we built here,” said Spratt.

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