General Amherst collects canned goods for local mission

By Joel Charron

The shelves at the Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission will be a little less empty this summer, thanks to the students at General Amherst High School.

The school’s leadership class collected 582 cans in their weeklong can drive last week.

Grade 9 students Cameron Brashamer and Amanda Parker assemble their breakfast winning tower

Matt Conte, the leadership class’ can drive facilitator said the leadership class decided to do a can drive because organizations like the Mission do not get a lot of charitable donations during the summer months.

“A lot of people give a  lot during Christmas and Thanksgiving but he Mission has a tough time during the summer months,” said Conte. “We want to give them a hand to keep their food supply up.”

Leadership class teacher Mike Balogh said it is tough organizing events like a can drive near the end of the school year because the students are focused on summer vacation. However, he added that he was very proud of the school for collecting as many cans as they did.

“People are still having hard times. People are still needing help,” said Balogh. “We’re just trying to help them out.”

To give the students a little extra motivation to get involved, each first period class squared off to see which class would get a free breakfast party.

The students in the leadership class would cook the breakfast party.

On Friday, during lunch, the top three classes competed in a sculpture building contest, using 60 cans from their stockpile.

Grade 9 students Amanda Parker and Cameron Breshamer from Georgia Klym-Skeates first period class took home the honour.

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