General Amherst celebrates athletic year with year-end bash


By Joel Charron

Athletic- Top athletes

Amherst athletic director John Rudak kicked off the night by highlighting some of the school’s athletic accomplishments, which include the senior girls basketball and volleyball WECSSAA and SWOSSAA titles and OFSAA silver medals, Rebecca Krug and Ryanne Stieler’s WECSSAA badminton title, SWOSSAA silver medal and OFSSA participants, the track team’s WECSSAA AA championship, midget girls and junior boys track and field championships, Jaiden Mulder’s individual midget girls WECSSAA championship and OFSAA 80m hurdle bronze medal and Brandon Allen’s spectacular track season which featured individual championships at WECSSAA and SWOSSAA including 1500m, 2000m and 3000m SWOSSAA steeplechase championships, 2000m steeplechase and 3000m record holder and the OFSAA 2000m steeplechase silver medal and 3000m gold medal.

“Through out the season there are an abundance of highs and lows,” Rudak told the crowd. “That’s how we learn as athletes to excel to the next level.”

General Amherst principal Hazel Keefner thanked the coaches and parents for volunteering their time so the student can participate in athletics.

“Athletics help enrich the life you our students,” she said. “A lot of people in this room contribute greatly to that experience.”

“You’re integrity and athletic ability make me so proud to be the principal of General Amherst,” she continued.



MVP: Calvin Fujimoto-Cassidy


Cross Country

MVP: Brandon Allen and Matt Pardo



Achievement Award: Trent Sparling and Gillian Sparling



Lineman of the Year: Adam Phillips

MVP: Max Reiner


Boys Volleyball

Award of Excellence: Dylan Jaber and Adam Pillon


Girls Basketball

MVP: Katie Breault

Most Dedicated: Christine Belcher


Girls Volleyball

MVP: Katie Breault, Sarah Bondy and Rebecca Krug


Boys Basketball

Hustle and determination: Dylan Jaber

MVP: Max Reiner


Boys Hockey:

Rookie of the Year: Mitch Holden

MVP: Josh Laframboise


Girls Hockey

Rookie of the Year: Renee Reid

Corey Meloche Leadership Award: Maria Goggin



MVP: Rebecca Krug and Ryanne Stieler


Figure Skating

Leadership Award: Danielle Peltier

MVP: Korie Paquette


Girls Soccer

Most Improved: Robin Kellam

Coaches Award: Rebekah French


Boys Soccer

Most Improved: Duncan Scott

Coaches Award: Alex Popel


Girls Slo-pitch

Rookie of the Year: Madison Turner

MVP: Paige Bondy


Boys Baseball

Coaches Award: Mike Popel

MVP: Matt Bondy


Track and Field

Most dedicated male: Joel Wismer

Most dedicated female: Cara Shaw

Outstanding male: Brandon Allen

Outstanding female: Jaiden Mulder


Major Award Winners


Top female junior athletes: Aleah Marton, Kayla Daguerre, Jasmine Hurst, Madison Turner, Dani Leroux and Olivia Starling


Top male junior athletes: Matt Pardo, Matt Bondy, Macaul Reiner, Doug Leake and Ryan Wismer


Spirit Award: Rebecca Krug


Sportsmanship Award: Rebekah French


Athlete Plus Award: Alex Leroux and Adam Pillon


Most Dedicated Male: Brandon Allen

Most Dedicated Female: Christine Belcher and Sarah Bondy


Top Male Student Athlete: Dylan Jaber

Top Female Student Athlete: Robin Kellam


Top Male Athlete: Max Reiner

Top Female Athlete: Katie Breault

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