General Amherst and Villanova WECCSSA Track and Field results

Amherst Track and Field Team shines at WECSSA Championship

On Tuesday May 13, Wednesday May 14, and Thursday May 15, 28 Schools sent their best athletes to the 2012 WECSSA Championship at the University of Windsor.

General Amherst Team did extremely well as it placed 3rd in AA standings behind Herman and Essex. However, Amherst won two divisional championships

A: Midget Girls Championship AA

D Midget Boys Championship AA


WECSSA Midget Girls Championship Teams 2012

Jasmine Hurst, Aleah Marton, Abbie Barron, Brianna Schipper


WECSSA Midget Boys Championship Team 2012

Matt Pardo, Trevor Wynn, Matt Raby, Caleb Cipkar, Joseph Gignac, Beau Meloche, Matt Bondy, Jesse Heywood, Rob McClocklin, Jacob Triolet


Amherst qualified 21 athletes for next weeks SWOSSA Championship being in Chatham on Day 1 May 23rd and The University of Windsor on Day 2 May 24th.


WECSSA Results

Gold Medals :

Aleah Marton : Midget Girls 300m. Hurdles (49.78)

Matt Pardo : Midget Boys 1500m. (4.25)

Midget Boys 800m. (2:03) (New School Record)


Silver Medals :

Kyle Lawrence – Junior Boys 100m h.

Jasmine Hurst – Midget Girls 200m (28.79)

Brandon Allen – Open Boys 2000 m



Bronze Medals :

Matt Bondy – Midget Boys Shot Put (13.08m)

Matt Bondy – Midget Boys Javelin (34.2m)

Brandon Allen – Senior Boys 1500m (403.25) (New School Record)

Victoria Chase, Christine Belcher, Aleah Marton, Jasmine Hurst – Senior Girls 4x100m relay (53.86)

Aleah Marton – Midget Girls 80m h.


Fourth Place :

Aleah Marton – Midget Girls 400m

Matt Bondy – Midget Boys Discus (38.4)

Brandon Allen – Senior Boys 3000m (8.5) (New School Record)

Todd Girard – Senior Boys Discus

Matt Pardo – Midget Boys 400m (54.23)

Caleb Cipkar – Midget Boys 300m Hurdles (46.5)

Caleb Cipkar – Midget Boys 100m h. (16.25)


Fifth Place :

Beau Meloche – Midget Boys Long Jump

Rebecca Wynn – Senior Girls Shot Put

Senior Girls Discus

Senior Girls Javelin

Amber Shaw – Junior Girls 80m h.


Sixth Place :

Cara Shaw – Open Girls Steeplechase (18.13)

Jesse Heywood – Midget Boys Discuss

Joel Wilson – Junior Boys Triple Jump

Joel Wismer – Junior Boys 100m h.


Seventh Place :

Joseph Gignac – Midget Boys 100m

Midget Boys 4x100m Relay Team

Junior Boys 4×100 Relay Team

Junior Girls 4x100m Relay Team


Eighth Place :

Open Boys 4x100m Relay Team

Garrett Mayville – Junior Boys 100m h.

Brianna Schipper – Midget Girls Long Jump


Congratulations to everyone who qualified for SWOSSA and best of luck next week. Thanks to everyone who did not qualify for SWOSSA. You made Amherst Proud!


St. Thomas of Villanova


All SIX  4x100m relay teams qualified for SWOSSAA

10 athletes to the 100m semis

6 qualified for SWOSSAA

5 athletes qualify for SWOSSAA 200m

2 of them were 1sts

6 hurdlers qualify for SWOSSAA

New Midget boys 100m record by Connor Rosassen of 11.27 s

New Midget Boys 4x100m record by of 45.81 s


Mid Boys 4x100m relay team: Joel LeBlanc, Connor Rosassen, Kevin Neuts, Matt Pebinto

Connor Rosassen         Mid Boys 100m and 200m

Rob Baylis                Sr Mens 200m

Noah Giorannetti          Mid Boys  High Jump


Jr. Boys 4x 100m relay team: Joaquim Lorenco, Noah Mole, Noah Renaud, Colin Pretty

Matt Pebinito      Mid Boys Long Jump

Shelby Branton  Jun Girls 80m Hurdles

Phil Janikowski    Sen Mens 110m hurdles

Rob Baylis          Sr Mens 100m


Shelby Branton      Jun Girls 300m hurdles

Noah Mole          Jun Boys 300m hurdles  and 100m hurdles

Taylor Conte        Mid Girls 800m



Sr Mens 4x100m relay:Ricardo Ribanes, Rob Baylis, Anthony Olivito,

Phil Janikowski

Taylor Conte       4th   Mid Girls 1500m

Rachael Durocher  4th  Sen Womens 100m hurdles

Hannah DiPasquale   4th Sr Womens 1500m steeplechase

Brooke O’Gorman   4th Mid Girls 200m

Ricardo Rabanes     5th Sr Mens 100m

Rachael Durocher    5th   Sr Womens javelin & 400m hurdles

Kevin Neuts           5th Mid Boys long jump

Anca Enache         5th Mid Girls high jump

Noah Renaud          5th Jun Boys 200m



Mid Girls 4 x 100m relay team:Kaitlyn Davidson, Anca Enache, Lindsay Paling,

Lexus Guitto

Jun Girls 4 x 100m relay team: Kelly O’Donald, Rylee Welsh, Sarah Martin,

Ashley Pinsonneault

Sen Womens 4 x 100m realy team: Ashley Paling,Shely Branton,

Alessandra Ceccaci, Rachael Durocher


Ashley Paling         Sr Womens 100m hurdles

Alessandra Ceccaci      Jr Girls 80m hurdles and 300m hurdles

Joel LeBlanc                Mid Boys 400m

Shelby Branton          Jun Girls 100m

Colin Pretty              Jun Boys 100m

Noah Renaud            Jun Boys 100m

Anca Enache            Mid Girls triple jump

Brent Vladchuk         Sr Mens shot put

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