Gender-neutral washroom now at General Amherst High School


By Danica Skakavac

Big changes are happening in the halls of General Amherst High School once more.

A washroom in the school’s main hallway has been turned into a new gender-neutral washroom, courtesy of the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance committee. Now it is just labelled ‘washroom’ and without a gender icon.

Because the washroom had already been a part of the school, there was no funding needed. All members of the GSA contributed equally to make sure this change finished all the way through. The effects of the launch of the gender neutral washroom have been slow but sure, as the GSA is turning the school into a more welcoming environment with everything they do. Bigger cities like Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver have had gender-neutral washrooms already.

General Amherst may see other schools soon follow in their footsteps.

General Amherst High School

General Amherst High School

“I believe the gender neutral-bathroom helps both GSA members and the entire school because there are some students in the building who feel uncomfortable or intimidated using the larger bathrooms,” says Trevor Klundert, the teacher representative of the GSA and one of the school’s guidance counselors.

“I hope having the gender neutral bathroom for future students will not only help them find a place in the school to be themselves, besides the school’s GSA, but knowing they do not have to conform to society’s standards,” says student Taylor Blackmere, a member of the GSA.

As of right now, the GSA has nine members.

“For a lot of transgender people, there aren’t a lot of places that are accommodating for their identities and having this (transgender) washroom reflects the acceptance that our school prides ourselves on,” says GSA President, Mitchel LeBlanc, about how the change positively affects the student body.


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