Gemmell hopes to bring management experience to town council


Pauline Gemmell hopes her financial and management background  translates into a councillor’s position in the Oct. 27 municipal election.

Pauline Gemmell hopes her financial and management background translates into a councillor’s position in the Oct. 27 municipal election.

By Ron Giofu


Pauline Gemmell is seeking a councillor’s position in the Oct. 27 election and believes she has the personal and professional qualifications for the job.

Gemmell, currently in her second term as a provincial appointee to the Amherstburg Police Services Board, stated she has been thinking about running for a while but has now thrown her hat into the ring.

“I’ve been in management for a long time. Currently, I’m the executive director for a nurse practitioner clinic,” she said.

Gemmell said that clinic, the Essex County Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic, has Essex and Windsor locations and she is required to prepare financial statements for the board of directors and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. She said she manages a budget of nearly $2 million.

Having people in place with the expertise to run the town is a priority, she said, and noted she deals with financial statements regularly.

“This is a large corporation,” said Gemmell. “I think when you are electing people to council, you need to elect people to run a large corporation.”

Having people with the skillsets to run the town and those who know what questions to ask are important qualities to have right from the start, she believed.

Gemmell said she “understands provincial requirements and believes that good financial management is at the core of a sustainable organization.” She said she is not a politician, but “is someone who knows how governments should work,” adding she has experience in corporate management, executive management, human resources and risk management.

Putting into place “robust financial control mechanisms” to ensure the right information is shared between council, administration and the public in a timely fashion is key. She believes that will require council members with extensive financial and management backgrounds.

Clear lines of communication are key for a “revitalized, cohesive council” with another priority being to develop new sources of revenue by increasing the industrial and residential tax bases.

“We have to instill that confidence in the town to attract industrial and residential,” she said.

In addition to working in the health care industry, Gemmell has worked in the social services and housing field. She said she is committed “to making sure that all members of the community are positioned to be contributing members.”

As a councillor, she said she would be willing to listen to others and hear differing viewpoints.

“You have to be open-minded and listen to positions others have as well,” said Gemmell. “We all bring different expertise to the table.”

Gemmell is a certified mediator after graduating from Canadore College. She also graduated from Lakehead University where she studied psychology and law and has a diploma in gerontology from Confederation College.

Gemmell also sits on the board for the Glengarry Non-Profit Housing Corporation.


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