Frozen river leads to back up plan for Boblo Island residents


Boblo fan boatBy Ron Giofu


Residents of Boblo Island are resorting to Plan B to get back and forth from the island.

Fan boats have been used since Sunday afternoon, as the ferry that usually transports residents from the mainland to the island has been unable to get through because of ice buildup.

Cindy Prince, vice president of development with Amico, said ice came down the river over the weekend but has stopped in the channel between the mainland and Boblo. It has since frozen with the ice too thick for Boblo’s ice cutter to get through.

“It’s kind of backed up between Amherstburg and Boblo,” she said. “We’re not able to run the ferry. It’s pretty much iced over. Our ice breaker can’t get through it.”

The fan boats are Boblo’s backup plan, Prince added, and have been for several years though they haven’t had to be employed for over a decade.

Fan boats are taking residents to and from the island with Bru Mon Yacht Club being the mainland spot where residents are being taken. Prince said Amico employees are driving Boblo residents where they need to go once they are on the mainland.

Supplies are also being brought to the island via fan boat, she added.

“The residents have been terrific,” she added. Prince said a number of e-mails have been received thanking Amico for its efforts with residents also looking after one another to ensure they have what they need.

“They are viewing it as a bit of an adventure,” said Prince. “All in all, it seems to be going very well.”

As for when they could get the ferry going, Prince stated there are engineers studying the ice problem to see what the best course of action is. They hoped for a course of action by Wednesday, January 29.

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