Franco-Ontarian Day celebrated at École St-Jean Baptiste


FrancoOntarian1 FrancoOntarian3By Ron Giofu


Franco-Ontarian Day was celebrated at French-language schools across the area and it was no different at École St.-Jean Baptiste.

Last Thursday afternoon’s event saw the student body gather in front of the school where the Franco-Ontarian flag was raised with students singing and hearing about the importance of French-language culture in Ontario.

Vice principal Lise Pipitone said it is the 400th anniversary of Francophone culture in Ontario and 37 years since it has been officially acknowledged in this province.

“It’s to signify the French presence we have had in Ontario,” said Pipitone.

Pipitone stated each province has its own flag and celebration of its French-language culture but she noted there is a “pretty significant” number of Francophones living in Ontario. She pointed out it started at Laurentien University.

In a predominantly English society, Pipitone believed having such a day and such a celebration is important.

“It’s part of our roots,” said Pipitone. “It’s a part of who we are.”

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